Friday, February 23, 2018


The weather in Charlotte has been so nice outside so every day after I pick Molly Anne up, we've been playing outside.  Chalk and a wagon ride are always top on her list!

Kevin has also been coming home a bit earlier this week and one day he took her for a ride in his jeep around the hood!  I'm not sure who was most excited to do this!  Molly Anne hasn't stopped talking about it!

Bubba has been sleeping in her bathroom for the past few nights.  He's obsessed.  I love when he curls up into a ball like this.  

"Mills, wanna play with my caterpillar with me?"  Mills looks real enthused doesn't he?

Ohhhhhh Mills she says and gives him a big hug and kiss! 

Since we moved in, he has found this little spot behind the chair and resting his head on the sliding glass door track.  It can't be comfortable but he loves it!  He's always here if he's not on the sofa!

Last night we went to a fitness place to look at gym equipment and this one was a good little girl and was very patient!

We went to dinner afterwards and then got ice cream and sat by the fountain to eat it!  It's the little things, she was SO excited!  And chocolate ended up all over her brand new shirt which is super cute and she'll wear all summer with everything!  I got it out right when we went home!  

Friday morning hanging out!

I'm wearing this fun new shirt today with jeans!  It's super comfy, a good length and reasonable!  I've been into some Old Navy lately, they have such good basics!

This weekend we don't have a ton of plans but we are definitely going to the playground this afternoon, we have soccer tomorrow morning and a handyman coming to hang a bunch of frames, finally!  Happy weekend to yall!


  1. I love that shirt and I see they have a polka dot version, which I adore! Mills and Molly Anne are so cute together and yay for Molly Anne being so patient! Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

  2. I can't believe it's that warm down there! We had two warmer days and now it's freezing again!