Friday, February 2, 2018

Five on Friday - Hooks, Meals, Mills, MA-isms, Shirts

We have been looking for some hooks to go in our mudroom in the locker type thing we had built.  We have iron door knobs and the cabinets in that room have chrome handles so we want to choose one of those two materials.  I have been scouring the internet.  Initially we bought chrome boat cleats and those looked super cool and different than plain ole hooks but they wouldn't hold much and that isn't practical.  I happened to go into Anthropologie the other day looking for a Valentines Day gift and found their incredible selection.  I knew they had good knobs but I didn't know they had so many hook options!  

We (meaning I ;)) are between this one 

And this one

The other night I had some ravioli in our fridge that needed to be used.  I browned some Italian ground sausage, added a jar of marinara and a whole bag of fresh spinach and used that as the sauce.  Kevin and I had a southwest salad (from the pre-made bags) with it and Molly Anne had some carrots & green peppers with hummus, fruit and yogurt.  

In our new fridge I made one of the bottom drawers all of her stuff - fruit cups, yogurt pouches and apple sauce pouches.  Every night she gets to choose what she wants from there.  That has made life easier and she has fun picking something out to go with her dinner.  Occasionally I'll give her some raspberries or strawberries but they just haven't been good lately.  I can't wait for the farmer's market to be back in biz!  

This hound named Mills has been such a sweet boy this week.  His ortho doctor came over on Monday night (he happens to be our neighbor a few doors down) to check his back left knee where he had his torn ACL and meniscus last summer.  I thought he had been limping too much.  He recommended some water therapy so that should be interesting haha!  We'll see.

Also, he has been extra obsessed with checking in on Molly Anne.  He wants to be in her room ALL NIGHT LONG.  If we can't find him at night, we check her room and he's always there, in the same spot by her crib facing the door.  With a face that is saying, "Mama, I'm protecting her don't worry!" 

She is very into her Pinkalicious pajamas that her cousins handed down to her.  I've been doing a lot of laundry this week so she can wear them every night ha!  She begged to wear them to Becky's on Wednesday but that wasn't happening!

I wanted to share a couple Molly Anne-isms:
1.  The other night we were getting her ready for bed and I guess Kevin was picking at her too much and she said, "Daddy get away."  I said, "Molly Anne, that is not nice" and made her tell him she was sorry for talking to him that way.  So she said that to him and ended it with, "but get away" in this funny tone.  Kevin and I died laughing!  Sometimes you just give up on being the perfect parent, but we tried!  

2.  The Jack Johnson song Go On came on the other day when she and I were on our way home from Becky's.  I told her that her Daddy says if he ever lets her get married that he wants to dance with her to this song.  She said, "Aww!"  Then I asked her if she was going to get married and she said yes.  I asked her to who (expecting she would say to Beckham, her little boyfriend at Becky's).  She told me THE ROOMBA!  So my child wants to marry the vacuum that she cannot stand and is scared of!  Too funny!

I had a reader ask earlier this week what shirts I use under MA's dresses.  

This one in the above picture is the Caroline Knit Blouse from Little English.  Looks like it is sold out in most sizes and colors now but that's probably because they're getting ready for Spring clothes.  I also sometimes just put plain white tees under her dresses but I love the ruffle or peter pan collar under a shift dress the most! ;)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. I so wish that our fridge had a drawer to make for just the kids stuff...maybe I need to rearrange it for that. That dinner looked yummy, i'll be adding it to my list for next week! I like the second anthropology drawer pull! Happy Friday :)

  2. We are fixing up our house and need new hooks; I’ll have to check anthro out as well.

  3. Yay thank you for giving the source of the cute white collar shirt! Thank you!

  4. The roomba, that's hilarious! Hobby lobby has TONS of knobs too, just something to consider :)

  5. I love those knobs from Anthropologie (isn't walking around that store so relaxing!). They also look practical! SC also sometimes tells one of us to go away and it drives me crazy. I have no idea where she picked up on it either, because it's not like she hears it. It's a funny stage though and sometimes hard to keep a straight face as a parent! :)

  6. This is random, but I was just at Fresh Market. You know where the pre-made salads are? They have complete meals to cook at home in clear tubs for $15. Looks like some cooking, but less work than Hello Fresh. Thought I would share! Made me think of you.