Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Big Girl Bed Report

Honestly, we had to scramble to make this big girl bed thing happen at home!  It was pretty spur of the moment.  While we were in Maryland and she slept in the big girl bed, Kevin put up her bed at home.  This was my bed from growing up with I think is super cool!  I ordered a rail so she wouldn't roll out and had that Amazon primed to the house, arriving Sunday.  Then on Monday when we got back into town, I had to wash all of her sheets and Kevin had to take apart the crib and move it to the other room and move her rocking chair out of there too.  All the baby things are gone, minus the changing table but that's another story for another day.

All of this had to happen before she came home from Becky's on Monday!  Happy to report that we made it happen and she was SO excited to see her room yesterday evening!  

The comforter and shams were still in the dryer!  These are the sheets she picked out and Nannie and Poppa gave her for Christmas.  

Soooo excited that all of her friends were in her bed!

And of course Mills had to jump up there and she gave him a big hug!  

Still need to get a bed skirt but that was the least of my concerns!  I got this rail.  

She literally laid her head down at 7pm last night and did not move.  She fell right asleep, maybe even faster then she does in her crib but she was also probably exhausted from her long day.  She was up earlier than normal this morning but that's likely from her 4:30am wake up call yesterday.  Once I heard her in there talking, after a few minutes I went in there to tell her how proud we were of her.  I didn't really want to give her the chance to get out of the bed by herself if that makes sense?!  

We're iffy if we are going to use the monkey locks on her doors or simply put a gate up in the hallway between her room and the playroom/our room/stairs.  Honestly right now, we are leaning towards doing nothing.  I left the hall light on last night in case she got up and I didn't hear her on the monitor.  She's a pretty hard sleeper at night so I doubt she will go wondering the house but it does still make me nervous.  I want her to be able to get to our room if she needs to come in.  I don't know, I know there is no perfect solution and we all have to do what works for us.  We are pretty close to her and I have the monitor (on louder!).  For five nights now, she hasn't gotten out of bed once so I'm feeling pretty good about it, but WHO KNOWS!  You know how these toddlers are!  All an adjustment and a phase.  

So, no more crib, sad!  

She was so excited to tell Daddy and Mills that she slept in her big girl bed.  We kinda amped it up a little bit and told her how excited we were for her!  

She gave Mills her three most prized possessions this morning and then sung him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which is the song we always sing right before bed.  Precious!  


  1. Aww, I love how she takes care of her Mills! Yay for the successful transition to the big girl bed! We transitioned SC about a month ago, and she loves the freedom! We have a lock on her door, just because I worry about her going out to the balcony by the stairs. Eventually I think we will take that away though. I love MA’s sheets too!

  2. way to go MA! Such a big girl! We didn't do anything as far as monkey lock or gates by his room, he actually never once got out of his bed unless we got him out or we told him he could get out until he turned 4. So that was a huge win. We do have a gate at the top of the stairs but I'm awful at remembering to shut it at night. Now when Graham transitions to a bed I might be singing a different tune, he will probably be up and down all the time. ugh

  3. One tip-go ahead and buy a good waterproof mattress pad now if you haven't already. You will need it as you progress in potty training-and its a life saver for sickness too. Good luck!!

  4. SO, SO impressed that y'all have MA in a big girl bed! Conner turns 3 next month, and we still have in a SLEEP SACK AND A CRIB. I am NOT kidding!!! We are prolonging moving him out of the crib until absolutely necessary - same with the sleep sack. He equates the sleep sack to bedtime, and just loves the crib. We love that they both CONTAIN the wild man! Amazingly, he's never tried to get out of either. So, we might be the only ones with a 5 year old still sleeping in a crib. Ha! Wish us luck when the day DOES come!