Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cot, Sarah’s Party, Fun New Toy

Yesterday we celebrated Sarah's first birthday at Ms. Becky's!  I walked in and saw this - my child asleep on a little cot!  Becky and I kinda timed the big girl bed thing and the cot thing at the same time which was really nice to be able to do!  I'm still in shock that she will lay on that cot and go to sleep.  Becky has magical powers!  

Sarah turned one! 

Shauna had made the cutest cupcakes with puppies on top!  That is the theme of her party this weekend!

She LOVED those cupcakes! 

And this one did too of course!

Sweet friends.  I hope they grow up to be friends like their daddy's.  They've been friends for I don't even know how many years -- maybe 25 or 30?  Probably longer!

I stopped by Target yesterday and grabbed her a special reward for doing so well sleeping in her big girl bed.  I'm not really into bribery (yet!) but I thought a little boost of excitement would help keep her going and not get out of bed!  

She loved this and so did I because I was able to cook dinner ha!  Bunchems is the name of them and they are really cool - you can find them on Amazon here for much cheaper than I paid at Target ugh!  She can put them together or make things on the blue board.  Super cute!  She woke up this morning wanting the play with them again.  

She did well on night two!  This cracked me up, she loves sleeping with Blanky's Cousin on her head!

Tomorrow I'll have a house update for you all! 


  1. So glad you could join for Sarah's birthday at Becky's! I love that our girls will grow up so close :)

  2. Be careful of those bunchems around her hair!You can't get them out and have to cut them out!

  3. I was just going to warn you like Nikki, they are awful to get out of hair!

  4. I very careful with Bunchems and hair....we had to cut huge chunks out of my daughters after
    she got bunchems in them