Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mary Scott’s 2nd Birthday

On Saturday we went to Mary Scott’s 2nd birthday party!  Minnie and Mickey came and Sarah had balloon and face painting artists too!  It was adorable and all of the children had a blast.  It really think Mary Scott was born yesterday so this is just wild that she will be two tomorrow!

So excited to see Minnie!  She ran right up to her before she could get in the door!

And then again once she got inside!  

She wanted a “unicorn with black hair!”  Ha! 

Dances and dances!

The birthday girl!!!

Molly Anne, Emme, Maggie, Lucas and Gigi sad that Minnie and Mickey left!  

Happy Birthday to our sweet Mary Scott!!!


  1. What a fun party! I also love how your friend decorated everything; it is so cute but still very elegant (especially for a toddler party)!

  2. such a fun and sweet party for a sweet 2 year old!! Love that Mickey and Minnie were there!

  3. Happy bday to Molly Scott! I can remember making things for Gigi and her soon-to-be sister. Time flies! PS. Whose cute silver flats are those in one of your pics?? Would love to know where they’re from. So cute.