Friday, February 16, 2018

House Update - WE HAVE GRASS!

These pictures make me so so so happy.  Especially the pictures at the end where you see Mills and Molly Anne screaming and so excited to have a yard to play in!  On Wednesday night this huge tractor trailer and then another flat bed truck delivered 23 pallets of sod.  We were hoping to only use 20 pallets but I found out this morning we are going to use them all.  Ugh $$$.  But, we want it done right at this point.

Yesterday morning it was finally dry enough and not going to rain for two days so they were going to finally be able to get it laid.  Honestly, it's been too wet to even cut the sod, let alone lay it in our mud pit.  It's been a longgggg 8 weeks of having no grass!  

They laid the front and back yesterday and today they are shaping it up and laying the front left side down.  

Millsy was SO excited!  He couldn't wait to get out there and RUN!

I love some before and after pictures.  

Here is the morning of....

And after...about 9 hours later!  Amazing right?!

And again....


Front yard....

Ta da!  Over the next few weeks, it'll get a lot more green and fresh looking!  

Look how happy he was!  It doesn't hurt that it was 76 degrees and sunny on February 15th either!

We grilled out and played out back.  Made me so happy.  I cannot wait for this Spring and Summer!  Lots of grilling and playing out back with music and beverages!  

This was honestly the most excited I've been about something with our house.  Molly Anne and Mills were just so HAPPY and that made me so happy!  And they were both gearing to get out there again this morning so we did it all over again!  EEEEE!!!!  Now after the initial excitement, we just have to TRY to stay off of it for a couple of weeks so it takes.  


  1. Oh my goodness, it makes your house look even more lovely! Mills and Molly Anne look so delighted! What a great place this will be to hang out come spring!

  2. 'We have grass' can be taken in a totally different way. Haha! So glad it's finally down. I know how long your have been waiting!

  3. Looks AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! Thrilled for y'all! And that weather! Gah! Come back!