Monday, February 12, 2018

Kevin's Birthday and Sarah's Party

This is how our Friday morning started off!

After I grabbed her from Becky's, we went to the playground to run around before the rain began all weekend!  

Emme met us there! 

Saturday was Kevin's birthday!  Molly Anne loved giving him a card she made for him at Ms. Becky's, a card she picked out for him at Target and all of his presents!  We gave him a My Pillow (which we got from Amazon - cheaper!), a shirt and half zip sweater and a cool Maryland bottle opener for his man room in the garage.  And he is going to get some weights for our gym when he finds what he wants. 

We went to breakfast at Big View Diner then came home and just laid low.  Some of leaned on Mills while we did some beading!

Then we went to Sarah's birthday party that afternoon!  It was actually a PAWTY because she loves puppies and it was just the cutest theme!  Shauna went all out!

The birthday girl!

They had also gotten Brad's dad a cake and Kevin a cake because it was their birthday the same week.  Too, too kind!  

After the party we zipped home and Kathryn met us there to keep the little queenie.  We had a gift card to Morton's so we went uptown and had a good dinner to celebrate his big day!  We got the chilled seafood appetizer!  Good, even in February in Charlotte!

Filet, creamed spinach and au gratin potatoes - yes! 

Oh yes we did.  We NEVER get dessert out.  Like I can count on one hand how many times Kevin and I have ordered dessert at a restaurant but we got their legendary sundae and didn't even have half of it but it was AMAZING.  And calorie free of course!  

It was a fun celebration!  We saw one of his work buddies there so that was nice too.  

Sunday looked a lot like this.  We did nothing.  She ate a waffle for breakfast on the couch which she's doing in the below picture and I laid on the other couch doing nothing.  Kevin watched some show on his iPad that he's obsessed with.  

When your bestest brings over a treat for sleeping in your big girl bed and brings special treats for Mama too!  Incredibly kind and generous.  Molly Anne was so excited, and I was too!  

We ended the weekend by going to Kevin's parents house for a birthday celebration for Kevin.  His Mama made his favorite - her famous manicotti and it was extra tasty yesterday!  Kevin has pictures from this so I will add them on when I get them from his phone! 

Hope everyone has a nice day!


  1. Creamed spinach at steak houses is my favorite! I can never recreate it at home, which is probably a good thing!

  2. What a fun weekend! Happy Birthday to Kevin; it looks like a fun celebration! I also love the cakes at Sarah’s party. So thoughtful!!

  3. HBD Kevin!!! Love her bunny slippers too!!

  4. You guys looked great on Saturday! Happy birthday to Kevin!