Monday, February 5, 2018

Trip to Maryland & Big Girl Bed

On Thursday morning Molly Anne and I went to the airport to fly to Maryland to visit my parents!  I was just SO excited for some time with them and to escape our house progress (or lack thereof).  Molly Anne has really become my little buddy lately.  She is so fun and such a treat to be with.  She has turned into a little girl so much recently and it's so sweet.  I love this age.  

We hadn't flown since last June when she was almost two!  So this was a whole different experience from our first two years of flying!  She was really into ALL of the details this time!  And if you know my child, she loves watching airplanes in the sky and saying if they're a "baby airplane" or a "big daddy!"

This was also the first time we've had to buy her a seat.  I loved having the extra room for us!  I was tempted to not bring the stroller this time but I did mainly for my own comfort of having containment ha!  

She had to check out the cockpit, buckle her own seat belt and read the safety instructions!  ALL BY HERSELF!

We arrived home and she went straight to the piano!  She LOVES the piano at my parents house.  I supposed she'll be in piano lessons before we know it!  

SOOOOO something really big - she slept in a big girl bed for the first time on Thursday night!  It honestly worked out perfectly because we had been talking about doing it at home but didn't want her to have too many changes at once with moving.  And because we wanted to be sure she could do the stairs too.  

But it was so perfect here because one - they only have a pack and play and honestly those are too small for her at this point and two - because she was too wound up to nap on Thursday so she CRASHED hard by 6:40pm!  Out like a light.  And slept all night except waking up at 1am to tell me to turn the monitor off.  I have freaked her out about the monitor because about 5 months ago I talked to her on it and she has just hated that thing ever since.  

Anyway, she slept in a big girl bed for the first time and loved it!  We amped it up the next day and told her how proud we were of her. Her friends Mary Scott and Elizabeth called to tell her they were happy for her and Molly Anne wanted to call Daddy and Ms. Becky to tell them what she had done!  It was sweet!  

On Friday, Mom and I took her to the zoo to see their new bear named Pinocchio who arrived from Ecuador.  She loved it but it was cold out! 

On the way home, we stopped by Aunt Jenni's work to see her!  We love getting to see Aunt Jenni!

For cocktail hour that afternoon we had Mimi over from next door.  Mimi can play any song you want on the piano so you know Molly Anne was loving that!  

She loved lounging with Poppa for a little bit each morning!

Saturday morning, Poppa, Molly Anne and I had a special mission - scrapple, egg and cheese sandwiches!  Dad and I always used to go get breakfast without telling Mom when I was growing up so it was fun to bring Molly Anne in on our little secret! 

This girlfriend went to TOWN on that thing!  She loved it!

Then we went to Home Depot for their craft morning.  She and Poppa made a Valentine's Bean Bag toss.  It was super cute watching them do this!

I'm not sure who had more fun!  

We went home and picked up Nannie and drove over to Assateague to see if we could see any ponies and we did!  We got to see two!

Of course Dumser's ice cream was essential.  

Saturday night she crashed again!  On Sunday Poppa got her donuts before we had to go to the airport.  She was so relaxed being at home.  She just really likes being there.  Of course my parents have every toy known to man and also got her a bunch of new crafts and Valentine's treats to play with.  I mean it's like grandparent overload and you can have anything you want!  I guess that's what grandparents do.  They had gotten her new puzzles, games, paints, special crayons, everything.  I'll have to link up a few of the things later this week.    

Molly Anne refused to put clothes on Sunday morning because she knew it meant she was going to the airport.  She literally sat in the back corner of her bunk bed half naked and refused to come out.  

Well she got her wish because our flight on Sunday was delayed and delayed so we bagged it and rebooked for this morning.  We went home and she took a three hour nap and I made some superbowl dips.  It was so nice to have a bonus day at home!  But we did miss Kevin and Mills, of course!  

4:15am wake up call this morning and Poppa took us to the airport.  He stayed for the two hours it was delayed and everything (on the other side of the glass - outside of security).  Yes I had almost 4 hours of providing entertainment prior to even taking off ha!  At one point she sat on that little table in the corner and said, "I so sad.  I so sad to leave my Poppa!"  It was sooooo sweet.  

No Mama, I wanna walk up the stairs by myself.  

She convinced me to let her have blanky's cousin on the plane ride back and this was a big deal because blanky's cousin doesn't go out public ever!  Yes, it's already in the washing machine!

Before we even got on the interstate, she was gone!  This is how I found her when we pulled into Becky's.  

Stayed awake even when putting her hair back.  Precious big girl. 

So tonight is the big event - big girl bed in her room at home!  Kevin set it up while we were gone!  She only got up one time while we were at my parents and that was during a nap time.  Anyway, we need to get sheets on it and get the crib out of there today.  Stay tuned for an update!  


  1. She is so sweet, makes me smile. That's such a fun age.

  2. She is adorable and looking so grown up. Good luck with the transition to her bed.

  3. What a super fun weekend with your parents! Also, yay for MA sleeping in her big girl bed!

  4. Poppy and MA at Home Depot is the cutest thing ever!

  5. Don’t think I’ve ever commented but the look on your dad’s face in these pictures about did me in. Pure love!