Friday, December 29, 2017

The Move

Well, we moved!  Sorry for the radio silence.  Last week Molly Anne had pneumonia and we moved and I was trying to work so yeah it was pretty much crazy.  But, we all survived and I'm SO glad we were in our house for Christmas.  We loved being here!   

We spent a lot of quality time at home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week.  She was seen at the doctor every other day because they (and we!) didn't want to mess around with that!  Another little boy at Ms. Becky's had it the week prior so it wasn't a huge surprise but it was not ideal timing the week we moved.  ANYWAY.  

On Thursday she was good enough to go to Becky's and she was the only child there so Becky kept her low key and we had packers come pack our house.  Best money we've spent in a long time. I highly recommend.  Out of all our stuff, one little decorative ornament was broken and that was it.  Not to mention the time packing, we also didn't have to live in a sea of boxes for a month prior to moving.  JD Movers is who we used for packing and moving and they were WONDERFUL!

Needed to clean out the liquor cabinet.  We had no clue the amount of junk we had in there.  The movers won't take opened liquid so we ended up having to transport most of this.  

My parents drove down on Thursday and arrived to a packed house.  And we basically lived on Door Dash for meals for Thursday and Friday ha!

I couldn't have survived Friday without them.  Actually I couldn't have survived this whole move without them!  Having them as a second and third set of hands was amazing. 

Let the show begin!  The guys showed up on Friday at 9am!  They didn't finish until almost 9:30pm.  Actually we had to have them come back again yesterday to get more of the garage stuff.  Never a dull moment!  

Friday night in our new house!  

By Saturday afternoon, we didn't have any boxes left in the kitchen, Molly Anne's room or playroom.  We tried to get those areas finished first to keep some normalcy in her world.  Next up was our den area.  

We had some visitors on Saturday - Brad and Sarah came by and Regina, Jeff and Ava brought Molly Anne a bitty baby outfit for Christmas.  She was so tickled!

By Sunday most of the boxes were gone.  We maybe have 5-7 left in the house?

My next post is about Christmas Eve!  I'm going to try to fit in a bunch of posts this weekend prior to 2018!  I want to be sure I have everything documented and catch back up.  

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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