Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Eve

Saturday was Christmas Eve so we tried to make it seem like Christmas Eve for Molly Anne!  We were a little delayed on our Christmas traditions this year but we made them happen!  

My parents and I took her to Ballantyne Resort to look at the gingerbread houses and Christmas decorationgs!

I take this same picture of her every year!

We also hung our stockings and put up our 2' fake Christmas tree!  Ha!  I really wanted to do a real tree but in the end, it was a silly thing to do for one day.  And Molly Anne thought our little tree was magical there was that!  

Poor Mills, he was the one that took the move the hardest!  He was restless the first couple of days!  Finally started calming down.  

We had our first meal in our new home.  We grilled filet, had green beans and a baked potato.  

After dinner, we drove around looking for Rudolph's nose!  And we found it!  It was a flashing red light.  If you don't do this with your children, I highly recommend.  We did it growing up and Molly Anne loved it!

Mills supervised while we put together Christmas gifts!

The frozen jeep!

Santa came!

She has really enjoyed playing with her train set.  It's this one from Amazon!  I got it on Amazon for $50 on Prime Day in July.  It is usually $100.  

Next up, Christmas Day!

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  1. I think our hardwoods are the exact stain! Great minds think alike! :)

    The meal looked yummy, and YAY for Christmas at HOME!!!