Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Outside

We were outside ALL WEEKEND!  It was the best weather!

Friday:  Kevin picked up Molly Anne and while he did that, I cleaned her water table with some bleach and a rag and it was new again.  She played with that when she got home and poured water for Mills to drink....these two..

Dinner outside because why not?!

Kathryn came over that night and after Molly Anne went to bed, we went to dinner with our friends Katie and Rob to WP Kitchen!  The food was SO good.  I had the trout with brussel sprouts and cauliflower mash.  Kevin had the flat iron steak.  

We walked over to Dean and Deluca wine bar for a glass of wine after dinner.  Katie and I met there for the first time six years ago??!  Here is 6 years ago...

Here is Friday night...

Our husbands are crazy together!

Millsyyyyyyyyyyyyyy when we got home. 

Saturday morning I meet my friend Sarah and her girls over at Sky Zone for the 9am Toddler Hour!  This was Molly Anne's first time and she loved it!

Sarah made me jump in the ball pit.  Let's just say getting out was an interesting thing!  Molly Anne loved jumping in by herself then she'd get close to the edge and I'd retrieve her!

After jump we went to Dunkin for a little treat!

Then ended up meeting back up with Sarah at our new neighborhood playground for more fun!  These girls wanted to go to the pool!

Naptime then we were back outside roaming the neighborhood and hanging in my friend Regina's front yard for awhile!  Her daughter is so so sweet with Molly Anne and plays with her!

We ended up taking Molly Anne to eat hibachi that night but we couldn't get a reservation.  We decided to wing it and at 5:15 the tables were all full with an hour wait.  They had this little table open that wasn't at one of the cooking stations so we sat there instead.  It wasn't nearly as fun but Molly Anne loved the shrimp and steak!  She was into it!  After dinner we went over to our lot and checked it out - I love doing this if you couldn't tell.  Like every day.

Sunday morning we just played at home.  I worked on cleaning some of her clothes out that are too small and I washed some of her summer clothes that evidently she needs in February with this warm weather.  She and I went on a good walk around the neighborhood, checked on the geese that she saw last week at one of the ponds in our hood and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  

After nap we headed down to see our friends Brad and Shauna who just had a baby three weeks ago today!  Molly Anne loved meeting her new friend and playing in her room!  Both girls with be at Ms. Becky's together so they will grow up being sweet little friends!

I'll let Shauna share the pictures of Sarah but since you can't really see her face in this, I thought I'd post it.  It's so funny that these two boys have little girls!  

They grilled out amazing steaks and had baked potatoes and a Caprese salad to go with it.  Delish.  It was fun spending time with our good friends!

Monday, Monday...


  1. What a great weekend! The sky gym looks absolutely amazing; it looks like MA is having a blast! And yay for baby girls. :)

  2. What a fun weekend!! I am laughing at your foam
    Pit experience because I too had a similar one. I jumped in and then I couldn't get out. Thank goodness for friends to help pull you out hahaha. The weather was beautiful and so perfect for lots of outside time!