Thursday, February 23, 2017

House Updates - Lighting

First official Thursday house update!  Thank you all for letting me go on and on about this house!  

Sooooo lighting.....

I had to make a spreadsheet with our options because I was so overwhelmed with 5 bathrooms, lights for the foyer, breakfast table, island, dining room and outdoor lights.  

Here is what we are leaning towards right now but it's subject to change of course.

Outdoor front lights - these are handmade, copper, gas lanterns and also have an on and off switch so we can turn the gas off during the day.  These are pretty fancy and definitely a splurge item.  They're by Legendary Lighting - Atlas Series 2. 

Other outdoor lights - these will go above the garage and at our back doors.  They are by Minka Group and are the Edenshire collection.  

Foyer light: 
Option 1 - Acclaim Lighting - Kennedy

Option 2 - Millenium 3254RBZ

Dining room options:
 - this must work with our foyer light because it'll be an open area.

Option 1 - Pottery Barn Voila Crystal Chandelier 

Option 2 - 
Something all crystal.  We have seen a few we (meaning I) like but it may be too dressy for our house.  Not sure. 

Breakfast table options:
 - our island options must work with the island lights.

Option 1 - Feiss Lighting - Malibu collection

Option 2 - Pottery Barn Linen Drum Pendant

Kitchen Island:
- we bought two of these Pottery Barn Wavy Pendant lights and they came in last week.  They're incredibly breakable (obvi) so I'm nervous to take them out of the box.  I'm pretty excited about these.  Our island is 5'x8' so I think two is the magic number.  

Let's save bathroom lighting for a different post.  I have 5 options for 4 bathrooms and I think we have powder room sconces picked out as well.  


  1. Looove the pendant lights!! I'm a fan of drum shades over kitchen tables - we had one at our last house I loved but it isn't sold anymore. I may have to scoop up this pb one. Love both foyer lights!

  2. Those pendant lights are spectacular! While I was picking out a few fixtures, my moms advice was to keep a close eye on how you change out the bulbs. It's less of a big deal now with great LED options, but it is worth keeping an eye on because some are actually near impossible

  3. I actually love this post and find it super helpful! Eventually I'm hoping we update most of our light fixtures, so I'm always interested in what other people pick. I love the drum light for over the kitchen nook!

  4. Love them all, you have great taste!! We had a gaslight lamp post at one of our old houses. It is still one of my most favorite things ever. Such a classic look!

  5. Love, love, LOVE everything! We have SUPER similar taste!