Friday, February 24, 2017

Five on Friday - Leggings, Dice Games

I ordered these Zella cropped leggings from Nordstrom this week and I can't wait to get them.  I needed a new pair of cropped because I wear the heck out of them - every afternoon when I get home, I immediately change into comfy clothes so I can play with Molly Anne.  I had been wanting some with the cutouts so I'm excited. 

We have an amazing Facebook group here in Charlotte called M2M (stands for mom to mom) and we all buy and sell things we have from kids clothes to a necklace we don't wear anymore to a rug for your house.  You pick up from someone's porch and leave cash under the mat.  It's all moms like us that are just trying to get money for their kid's clothes etc. and not have to deal with a consignment shop.  It's so nice.  ANYWAY, April let me use her porch (because we live out of the bubble!) to sell some of Molly Anne's clothes that she never wore and it was so nice to get some extra money instead of those things sitting in a closet for years.  So thank you April! :)

Had a couple of comments about the bunco and left right center games!  :)  Let me explain!  

LRC - Left right center uses the below dice to play and you can use chips or money.  We use dollar bills!  Everyone stands around one big table and has three dollar bills in front of them.  You roll as many dice as the number of dollar bills that you have.  If you get an L, you pass one dollar to the person on your left.  If you roll a R, you send one to the right.  If you roll a C, the dollar bill goes to the center of the table.  If you roll a dot, you keep your dollar bill.  Very easy.  The person with the last dollar bill wins all of the money in the center of the table.  The best part is that even if you're out of money, you still may be back in the game if someone passes you a dollar at the last minute!  It's very exciting at the end!  Then you get showered with lots of dollar bills!  We usually play 4 rounds at my neighborhood girl's night.

Bunco is another dice game with three regular dice.  You have two or three square tables of four people each.  You play on the same team as the person across from you.  One person at the table keeps score.  The first round you roll to try to get a 1.  If you roll a 1, you keep rolling until you don't roll one. You go clockwise at the table for everyone getting a chance.  The first team in the room to get 21 1's, yells bunco and the game stops.  At each table, you mark down a win or a loss for each team.  Then the winners walk to a new table and the losers linger and switch spots so they aren't teammates for the next round.  Then you roll for 2's and so on.  You have to do a full round of rolling for 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's.  Then you calculate who had the most wins and losses.  We all put in $10 to the pot at the beginning and the money gets distributed to the winners, losers, who had the most buncos and baby buncos.  Those are some more in depth rules that don't really matter unless you actually go play the game.  It is very fun because you rotate around the room so you get to sit with new people and have lots of conversations among the mindless dice rolling!

If you're looking for drama and excitement, choose to play LRC.  If you're looking for lower key and more conversation, choose to play Bunco.  Both are wonderful and perfect for girls nights!

Yesterday I got to attend the real estate creative thinkers awards luncheon at Carmel CC.  I usually get to go every year unless I'm out of town and this year was super cool as usual.  They honor a few projects in the Carolinas where a real estate developer has used "creative thinking" and made a big difference in the community.  This year was American Underground in Durham, Loray Mill in Gastonia and Riverwalk in Rock Hill.  The honorees spoke about their project.  It was neat!

We are starting to get our yard back in action for the Spring.  Kevin has already had to cut the grass twice which is crazy.  We are planning to reseed in the next few weeks.  In March or April we will spread mulch.  We require so much mulch it's a big expense but it always looks sooo good when it's done.  And...our tulips have already started to pop up which is CRAZY in February!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love those local Facebook groups. I'm in a Raleigh one but need to use it more! I can't believe how things are already blooming and it's February!! I love Zella leggings. They are so comfy! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Ok, going to have to get some LRC die and play at my next party!

  3. We have lots of yard work that we need to get on this spring...I bought my first pair of gardening gloves, so I'm ready to get to it! I love those leggings you bought, they look super cute and perfect for playing with MA. Also, I have been slow to get on the thrift shop/consignment store bandwagon, but I'm realizing they are really great. Kids go through everything so fast!

  4. Zella leggings are the best. And I love M2M! Happy Friday!

  5. New reader here, I love your blog and I was wondering if you would do a post all about how you named Molly Anne and what names you didn't use? I recently read April's post on naming her girls and thought it was such a great idea. So I would love if you did something similar because Molly Anne is such a sweet pretty name which seems to match your little girl perfectly.

  6. I've been wondering how to play Bunco for.. forever... thanks for explaining!!

    Emily |