Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

Molly Anne got to have a donut on Valentine's morning and I stayed around a little longer than usual to watch her open a couple little treats!  We gave her the magnetic mermaid and princess window clings!  Kevin got her a little stuffed animal and a sweet card too!  

I tried to replicate the picture from last year but she would not stay still!  Busy busy!

Always willing to give Mills a hug, or pull his hair!

We love her!!!

She had a little party at Ms. Becky's!

They made cupcakes....

And they played outside for a couple of hours in the gorgeous weather!

Ms. Becky spoiled them with balloons, stuffed animals, bubbles, necklaces and a magic towel.  She knows Molly Anne well!  She kept saying, "balloooon!!!"

And Ms. Becky spoiled the Mamas too with this cute gift!!!  She is so incredibly thoughtful!

We had a nice little dinner of leftovers last night and it was easy and fun!  After we put Molly Anne to bed, we rolled out our new rug in our room so I was super excited.  And I slept in there for the first time in a few weeks.  First Kevin was sick for two weeks then we got the hardwoods and I hadn't been able to sleep with everything echo'ing.  Now, we're back to normal!

Hope you felt a little love yesterday and every day!


  1. Miss Becky sounds like a gem! It's so nice that she does crafts and bakes with the kids.

  2. looks like a great Valentine's Day! What a cute little craft she made at Miss Becky's too!

  3. You are so lucky to have Ms. Becky - she sounds like such a great caretaker, and the flower pot is just about the cutest little craft I've ever seen.