Monday, February 6, 2017

A Molly Anne Weekend!

Molly Anne had the very best weekend and we did too because we got to watch her enjoy it all! 

Here were the main events:
1.  Ella's birthday party
2.  The Circus
3.  Superbowl dinner with her grandparents

Friday night:
We dropped Kevin off to meet a buddy of his at Bradshaw's then we went to Target to pick out her Valentines gifts for her friends at Ms. Becky's.  After that we went to Chopt for dinner then back to pick Kevin up and home by 6:30 for bath and bed.  

Poor Millsy...

After our little queenie was in bed, Kevin made a fire out back and we hung out listening to music, catching up from the week and chilling.  It's one of our favorite things to do and if we don't go out on a weekend, that's usually what we'll do instead.

Saturday morning:
Molly Anne and Mills in his condo.  They love crawling in there!

She picked up this pillow in our room, took it over to Mills' bed, laid down on it and said, "night night!"

Putting her name puzzle stool back together!

After nap we went to Ella's third birthday party at the YMCA!

The kids were so adorable and Ella had the cutest gold sparkly pants on for her Golden birthday!  3 on the 3rd!

Molly Anne had the time of her life.  I hadn't taken her to a gym like this before so it was all new to her and she just grinned and ran around the whole time!  And fell about 100 times!

She even jumped in the pit with the instructor!

Sweet friends!  Camille and Molly Anne

Check out the golden table!  So fun!

Stuffed an entire cupcake in her mouth, thankfully it didn't fit! ;)  She also had fruit punch for the first time.  She didn't know what it was at first but after she tasted it, she wouldn't let it go!  Thank you Ella for inviting Molly Anne to your party!  :)

Sunday we took her to the circus!  When we heard that this would be the last time Ringling Brothers would ever be coming to town, Kevin said, "we must take her!"  So we did!  If you know Molly Anne, then you know she loves a show.  She is entertained by just about anything.  Her eyes could not have been bigger the entire time we were there.  She loved it!  And of course we got so much joy out of seeing her so happy!

Molly Anne fell asleep in the car within 5 minutes of being in there.  I don't know who schedules these shows at 11am or 7pm but the 11am runs into universal nap time and 7pm is so late for any age children, especially on a school night!  

We got home, she fell back asleep in her crib for a couple of hours.  

Meanwhile, we praised Mills for doing such a good job at the circus.  Did you all see him in the picture above of the lions and tigers?  Mills is a lion every year for Halloween so it was only right that he was in the circus.  Joking joking....this hound is too lazy for any of that!  

I made a couple appetizers for the Superbowl.   Originally I was going to make three for Kevin and I to have for dinner but Kevin's parents invited us over for Superbowl dinner so I only made two!  

Wonton Pizza Bites

Supreme Pizza Dip which I forgot to take a picture of after it came out of the oven!

They ordered Hawthorne's pizza and wings and we had a big feast!  

We got home a little late so missy didn't go to bed until 7:30pm yikes.  How about that game?  The comeback by the Patriots was insane!  Definitely a well deserved win over Atlanta!  

Today is the first Monday of the month which means our house will be clean when we get home later and it's also Kevin's birthday week!


  1. What a fun weekend for MA!

    Coming home to a clean house is THE BEST!

  2. It looks like MA had so much fun! Those appetizers sound amazing, and yay for a clean house and Kevin's birthday!

  3. I'm so glad she had so much fun at Ella's party!!! And T and I had the same convo about who the heck schedules these times for the circus (and can he not talk to someone up there?! Lol)! Thanks for reminding me that I need to text your cleaning lady, too!! :)

  4. What a fun weekend!! That birthday party looked so cute and her pig tails are precious!! The circus is coming to Raleigh this weekend and we are contemplating taking jack. Looks like it was such a fun time!! A great weekend for y'all!