Thursday, February 16, 2017


Rugs were a hot topic in our household the last couple of weeks because after we got the hardwoods, the sound carried alllll throughout the house and I felt like I couldn't even walk by Molly Anne's room during nap time.  And, I couldn't sleep in our room because Mills was tick tocking around all night and I heard Kevin snoring at an amplified level.  So, I HAD to order rugs even though someone wasn't excited about spending the money after we paid for hardwoods.  

It had been a long time since I had bought a rug so I quickly asked my girlfriends about rugs and rug pads.  They informed me that not all rug pads are created equally and a good thick one was essential.  Done.  

And these rugs will go in our new home.  We (meaning I) kind of picked them out with those colors in mind, not really our current house at all.

So here is what I ordered....

This runner isn't exactly what I wanted but for $68, I'll be able to use it now and in one of the hallways in the new house.  I got this rug pad to go with it.

Second, I ordered this rug in 9x12 from Dash and Albert.  It's the herringbone ocean.  And I got this rug pad for it.  This is for our bedroom.  I think it's too big for our room now but we will be able to use it in our family room of the new house.  

Third, I wanted something with a little zazz for my dressing area because it'll be sorta near the rug in our room.  Plus, I kind of feel like Kevin has no say in what goes in my dressing area so I may as well go big and bold! ;) So, I went with this one.  And this thick rug pad.  

I realize these don't really all together but they won't be by each other in our new house and that's what I really care about.  For now, we just HAD to get something so I can sleep in our room again!


  1. Rugs are so tough! Love your choices! We still need one for our bedroom. We spent forever picking one for our living room, then it took two months to be delivered, and now our dog is ruining it!

  2. Love that rug for your dressing area! I bought a couple of Dash and Albert rugs last year during their big sale and they are really great! I love that I can throw the smaller ones in the washing machine :)