Monday, February 13, 2017

Kevin's Birthday and Valentine's Weekend

Friday we went to a Valentine's Play Date hosted by Gigi and Camille!  Molly Anne got to have a cookie and even ate 5 chicken nuggets haha.  She loved doing some crafts too!  Thank you girls for a fun morning!

Friday evening we went to Kevin's parents to celebrate his birthday!  His Mom made his favorite meal - manicotti!  Yes, it was as good as it looks!

No birthday is complete without Gigi's cupcakes!

Getting Molly Anne to stay still and pose for a picture is not happening these days.

Kevin got an Amazon gift card from his parents, a fire poker from Carolina Kettles and a pair of Bonobos from my parents and Molly Anne, Mills and I gave him some battery thing for the jeep he wanted, ear protection for shooting and Bose noise canceling headphones!  

Saturday morning we hung at the house and played with bows that Molly Anne's cousins gave her, ha!  Kevin put them all in her hair when I was off doing something. 

During Molly Anne's nap I ran down to meet our friend's new baby, Sarah, and take them a meal!  She is so precious and looks like her Daddy (Kevin's best friend).  Molly Anne is excited about her new friend who she will meet soon!

After nap, we took a family walk around the neighborhood and visited one of our neighborhood ponds.  Mills wouldn't get near the water.  Molly Anne wanted to get in the water.  

The weather was so gorgeous we just played as much outside as we could.  

We spent the rest of the afternoon out back until dinner time for Molly Anne.  She got a card from her grandparents that she was so excited about!

That night after Molly Anne went to bed, Kevin and I went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday and an early Valentine's day.  We had reservations at Flemings uptown but then decided to be more low key and go to Firebirds nearby.  We hadn't been there since before I had Molly Anne and we always really like it when we go.  

We went to Bradshaws afterwards and watched the band for an hour or so.  Fun times!

Sunday morning scrapple and eggs with my girl and my clean up boy!

Mid morning we went for a long walk and then to the neighborhood playground to play!  Mermaid had to come too, of course!

While we at the playground, Molly Anne kept going over to the fence and standing on it like an elementary school kid and saying, "pool, pool, pool!"  Ahhhh I can't wait for this summer with my girl at the pool!

I mean this weather was unreal this weekend!!!  

Last night hanging out in the backyard.  Her only short sleeve shirts are 12 month so whatever, she rocked them ha!  Her favorite thing these days is running up to the hammock and saying, "hammock!!!"  She loves swinging in it!

We wrapped up the weekend with Chinese delivery and getting in bed early!  


  1. What a fun weekend! The weather was gorgeous. I don't know where winter has been this season but I don't hate it. Although I'm
    Not ready for 80s! Have a great week!

  2. 80 degrees!?!? That's nuts!
    And love how you say "some jeep thing." Haha!

  3. The weather this weekend was SPECTACULAR...!!