Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Predictive Index

A few weeks ago, our company sent out a two question "test" that we all had to complete.  It's called the Predictive Index.  The two questions were similar but different:

1.  Please read the words in the list below and check those that you feel describe the way you are expected to act by others.  

2.  Read the words in the list below and check those that you believe describe you.  

And you had a whole slew of adjectives to choose from.  From those answers you gave, they put this report together that supposively describes you.  It's almost comical how they knew exactly how I am!  We got a good laugh out of comparing each other's results because we know how we all operate.  

Our company will use these to help hire in the future and all of the top guys got them to see how their teams work.  It's pretty cool!  If you ever get the opportunity, definitely take the test!


  1. Fun! I always enjoy these types of quizzes.

  2. Oh I love tests like this too! How cool that your company uses them to strengthen your teams!


  3. That is really cool. In all of your posts, it sounds like you love and value your job. That is wonderful!!!!

  4. This sounds awesome! I filled out the form for a trial to see if I can use it at work :)