Monday, February 20, 2017

Mary Scott's Party, LRC Night and Molly Anne

Friday we hung around the house that afternoon and played outside.  It has just been so nice with this warm weather that we can't help but be outside!  Look at our two little buddies playing together.  Mills has to be close to her at all times! ;)

We did a simple grilled cheese, soup and peas dinner that night.  She feeds him way too often.  

Saturday morning we walked to Mary Scott's first birthday party!  It was a garden party!

They have the best toys at their house!

Look at the sweet birthday girl.  I really feel like she was just born!!!  

Sarah always goes above and beyond and then some more with her parties.  They are always perfect!

She served lots of different chicken salads and fruit!  Molly Anne told me the cake was delicious with her saying, "mmmmmmmm!" 

Aren't these flowers amazing?!!

She had the bounce house out and Molly Anne LOVED it.  

Saturday evening Ashlyn came over to watch Molly Anne sleep (ha!) so we could go to our neighborhood Left Right Center party.  We invite the guys in the month of February and it becomes a huge party.  We used to play bunco but it's turned into LRC now.  We all really get into it and it was LOUD on Saturday night.  Easily one of my favorite nights of the year!  

I made these little sausage wonton bites that were super easy and they were gone quickly!  I didn't have any pepper jack or much cheddar so I used cream cheese and a little cheddar instead.  

There were about 50 people there so we split into two longggg tables! 

Sunday morning we played and played!  It had warmed up to over 70 degrees so after her nap we headed outside.  

I really need to bleach the water table before this spring!  It is so gross.  

Molly Anne did so many new things this weekend.  On Friday night, I showed her how her boats in the tub connect and she watched me one time then did it herself.  Yesterday I sneezed across the house and she evidently heard me and said, "bless you."  She did this a couple of weeks ago too but this was the first time Kevin had heard her.  

We also worked on stairs yesterday afternoon some more.  She has been doing them pretty well but we worked on using the rail and she picked it up pretty quickly.  I know Ms. Becky has been working with her on this too.  Stairs scare the daylights out of me!  We don't have stairs on the inside of our house except behind a closed door so she hasn't really been forced to know how to do them yet but now she NEEDS to know!

She is repeating everything you say and saying words that I had no clue she knew.  Her new thing is turning the closet light switch on and off which she can reach from her crib.  So now every time we go get her she is saying, "light, light, light!"  

Another favorite is when we're in the back yard she'll say, "hammock!"  So we go swing in the hammock.  Girlfriend loves that thing!

I feel like she goes in these spurts of just learning so much.  She is really such a sponge these days!  I love it!


  1. We moved into a 2 story house when my son was around 18 months. Stairs scared me too but they do catch on pretty quickly!!

  2. Such a fun weekend! MA is doing so many fun new things!

  3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is my go-to for cleaning out water table - works amazingly and so less messy than bleach :) Our current water table is going on 12 years!!!

  4. Hi, Do you know what Lilly dress your friend has on in the picture? I love the print!

  5. Is Left. Right Center a game or just the name of the party? I've never heard of that. {I also wouldn't know what bunco is if I didn't read blogs. I have never heard of anyone still to this day playing it up here in the North Pole. It's funny how regional things can be.}

    Molly Anne's piggy tails get me every time I see them on IG. TOOOO cute!


  6. Cracking up at KK's comment above. I too would have no clue what Bunco was unless I read blogs of girls who live in the south. And have never heard of Left Right Party either! Please share...