Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Park City Skiing

I'm barely alive today but here is a quick post on this week so far.  My co-worker and I headed out to Utah bright and early Monday morning for a work trip.  We landed in Salt Lake and went straight to Park City to hit the slopes.  We've worked out there since 2014 and never skied for one reason or another (the year I was pregnant I couldn't) and we've just never had time. So we made sure to fit in an afternoon of it after we got off the long flight.  We met our client there and skied the Park City Mountain which is the largest resort now that it connects to the Canyons.  

Let's keep in mind that I hadn't skied in at least 8 years and never out west.  So yeah I was a bit nervous but skiing is like riding a bike, you kinda just pick it back up.  

The views were just unbelievable.  We've seen these views before but never during the winter.  

Laura and I did a test run on a green before our client got there so we didn't make a fool of ourselves in front of him (we hadn't ever met him in person!).  Besides falling off the lift as we got off, we did alright!!!  

He and I ended up doing a bunch of blues.  This was one.  You can't even tell how straight up it is.  So steep!

We thought we were going to a blue but it ended up being a double blue.  Well at that point, we had no choice so we just went with it.  It wasn't terrible.  Maybe I could ski out west afterall!  No black diamonds for me though.  My Mom told me not to act like a nut and to remember I had a child and husband at home that needed me! ;)

See how steep that double blue was?  It was actually steeper than it shows in pictures!  The powder out west is definitely different than skiing in Pennsylvania and Vermont but it's so much better.  

Finished the day with a cold beer!  

We headed back into Salt Lake.  Check out this sign - "No, you're not good at texting and driving" - how true is that?!!

We had dinner at Market Street Grille with our broker and called it an early night.  It had been a LONG day at that point.  

Yesterday we toured sites all day then went out with our engineer for a drink, then met up with a contractor for dinner and then another contractor for drinks.  And then....we went to the airport at 10:30pm for our 12:15am red eye home.  SHOOT ME.  I slept maybe 15 minutes total last night.  We landed in Charlotte at 5:30am and I was home by 6:30am and I got to get Molly Anne out of her crib which made the red eye worth it.  I hate them but they really are nice to be home and not spend all day today traveling.

I slept for a few hours this morning so that was good but I have a million things going on today and tomorrow so I must go.  If I can get to Friday, all will be good in the world.

Chat later friends!


  1. I am so jealous! I love to ski, but don't do it often enough. And I don't know if I would crave a cold beer after? Maybe a glass of red wine or something warm???

  2. That looks like so much fun! I am terrified of the ski lift, so your adventure seems very brave!

  3. SO beautiful! I haven't been skiing in close to eight years either and I'm scared to try again but I'm encouraged to know it came back pretty easily for you!

  4. I miss skiing so much;I need to get Brad to try it. They say if you're a good skier in the East you're a great skier out West. Yes, it's steeper but much less ice to contend with. Hope you're able to rest up soon :)

  5. How on earth do you blog with all of that going on? You're a rockstar.

  6. Glad you had fun skiing after 8 years. PC is a great place to ski us locals stay on the other side away from visitors. Hope the inversion wasn't too bad for you once you got down into SLC.