Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hardwoods - Before and After

Last Thursday we added hardwoods in the hallway to our bedrooms and in our master bedroom.  The week before, they dropped the boxes of hardwoods off so they could get used to our house and so they wouldn't expand and contract once they were laid.  Here they all are...we used pre-finished hardwoods because we didn't want the mess of sanding and staining.  This was still a mess as it was because of undoing our room and putting it back together.  Plus it is just a dirty mess with cutting boards etc.  I was up late cleaning and washing sheets on Thursday night!  In our new house we will have plain boards laid and we will stain in place since it'll be a construction zone anyway.

Anyone else a crazy person about cords from their TV?  We do not like cords so when the chest is in front of it, you cannot see anything hanging from the TV to the box.  It's all in the wall.  You can see the cords coming out at the base in the below picture (usually we have a chest of drawers sitting in front of the outlets).  

These guys worked all day long and finished it in one day.  I kept them fed and hydrated via dominos and water bottles!

Here are some before and after shots....

As you can see, we tried to match as close as possible what we have in the remainder of our house.  We really need to refinish the rest of the hardwoods as they haven't been touched since 1999 when the house was built!  We will not be doing that when we live here ha!

Pretty big difference right?!

This is my getting ready area and the doorway on the right is our bathroom.

Much prettier.  Now, we need rugs.  We didn't sleep at all the first night because Mills ticks around the room and the sound carries across the house now.  So far, my vote is for carpet in the master of our new house.


  1. Looks so good! I love hardwoods. We have them throughout our downstairs but up is carpet. I prefer carpet in the bedroom for some
    Reason. I feel like it makes the room warmer haha. I hate the sound of our labs nails clicking on the floor. Drives me insane!!

  2. It looks great!! And yes the nails on the floor - eek!! Drives me nuts! We have carpet in the very bottom of our home but hardwoods on the main and upper levels (and of course the dog never goes downstairs). Picking rugs is sooo hard. We still need one more but they really set the tone of the room. Looking forward to seeing what you pick!

  3. I love the new hardwoods and they make your space feel so much more open! Hope you find some lovely new rugs soon. :)

  4. Love the hardwoods - and I think it will really appeal to new home buyers when you go to sell. I need a lot of rugs now too though, because they are loud! I've had some success with runners at Wayfair if you're in the need.