Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine Gifts and Molly Anne's Valentine Art

For Valentine's Day I like to take the little girls at Ms. Becky's a treat!  This year I whipped these up thanks to the Target dollar aisle!  The cup has a sheet of stickers in it and Hugs candy!  I'm going to put it with the Minnie set into the polka dot bag!  I think they'll like them! ;)  For Ms. Becky I have something up my sleeve as well but I'll have to share that after I give it to her because she may read my blog, I'm not sure! 

Here is some of the art that they have done!  How cute is the thumb one?  Thumbody loves you!

Ms. Becky said Molly Anne knows just what to do when they stamp hands, feet or thumbs in paint then on paper.  She said she holds whatever out ready for the paint ha!  

I love that they do so many art projects there!  Ms. Becky is certainly braver than I am with paint and toddlers!  


  1. So precious! We are taking Leo to color me mine on Sunday (I hope) to do some fun art projects for his grandparents and I'm hoping the girls there can help direct me because I am like the least crafty girl in the world!

  2. Love the thumbody loved me! We did handprints, but SC wasn't enthused! Also, love the gifts you put together for the other little girls!