Tuesday, February 14, 2017

House Updates

Happy Valentine's Day!  We are celebrating with a little donut this morning and a couple little treats I'll share about this week.

Today I wanted to do a little house update on what we've been up to the last couple of weeks!

First up, determining if we were shifting the house back or up and side to side.  We ended up moving back 4' and over 2' from where we had initially put it.  We wanted to maximize privacy and have as big of a backyard as possible.  It's already going to be a lot smaller than what we have now.  And this is our builder pretending to be a fire place on our covered porch!

Clearing began January 10th so I guess that's when construction officially began!

Clearing wrapped up on the 12th.  

We had the big dirt escapade at the end of January when they started digging footers and we ended up not having bad dirt.  Thank you to the engineers we use through my work for helping me out on this and shame on those other cats for saying we had a $20,000 problem.  Thankful I knew to get a second opinion.  

Footers got finished being dug last Monday, February 6th.  

Rebar got installed on Tuesday, February 7th.  

Concrete was poured on Wednesday, February 8th.

Thursday the concrete cured. 

Friday the 10th, they did some rough grading on the lot, surveyed and dropped off the block for foundations.

Yesterday they started laying the block!  This will take 5-7 business days then framing will begin in 2 weeks.  That will take 4 weeks.  I'm exciting for this so we can see what our floor plan kind of looks like!  Hopefully it's not dysfunctional ahhhh!  

So that's where we are now!  Thank you for humoring me by being interested in all of this.  Haha!  I look forward to re-reading all of this in 8 months when I'm still freaking out about every little detail!


  1. I can't wait to watch this whole process! I have a dream to build one day but I'm so impatient I'm not sure I could handle it. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. So exciting!! So glad you got a second opinion.

  3. Not humored, totally excited! The neighborhood looks AMAZING!

  4. OMG. That is so amazing that you found out the dirt wasn't bad!!!

  5. YAAAAY for no bad dirt! Whew! And AHHH!!! This is so exciting! Can't wait to see the ongoing progress!