Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend - Two Words for MA

This morning as I left, Molly Anne said, "Bye Bye Mama!"  It just about made me melt and stay there with her all day!  I think I mentioned on her last update that we are working on putting two words together.  The first time she did it was on Saturday morning and of course she chose to say, "Hi Mills!"  Well actually she says Mills more like Mulls but it was so cute!  

Friday after work I grabbed Molly Anne and we went to downtown Waxhaw!  We met up with Kevin who had met a guy for work stuff.  We had dinner at Maxwells Tavern and walked over the bridge across the tracks which Molly Anne thought was pretty cool!  Downtown Waxhaw has gotten a lot more vibrant now that liquor by the drink passed and there is a neat brewery down there and some cool restaurants.  Highly recommend visiting for something different!

After we put Molly Anne to bed, we hung out in the backyard and Kevin made a fire.  Mills loves hanging with us back there. We turn up the tunes and lounge on the patio.  

Mills gets up on the sofa out there now...especially after he has a beer! ;)

Saturday morning we chilled then went to swim lessons!  

Also, this is random but I took this picture to remind me to tell you all that Beads Inc. in Myers Park is wonderful.  I took this necklace to them that had broken and they fixed it in less than 5 minutes!  They have the cutest stuff and they can always make you any piece of jewelry you need for a special occasion.  Highly recommend you visit their cute home just off Providence!

After swim lessons we ran home and I got ready to go to a shower for my friend Shauna!  Kevin had Molly Anne duty as I was gone until about 3pm.  I'll post about the shower on deserves it's own post!  Plus, I want Shauna to blog about it first so I don't rain on her big day!

Saturday night we had a low key night consisting of Dominos, lots of playing in her new kitchen and early bedtimes.

Sunday we really didn't do anything either.  We played all morning at home.  

After naps we went to Blakeney and strolled around in and out of some shops then picked up dinner at Chopt before heading to the lot to check it out (pictures to come tomorrow).  

This babydoll cracks me up.  Put her fingers in her ears because she was tired of hearing whatever it was.  Look at those legs....sorry Molly Anne.  You get those from Nannie and your mama!

Back to the real world today.  I guess a lot of people and schools are off for Martin Luther King Day.  It was an easy commute this morning.  


  1. Have you had the Mendocino Market at Chopt? Love it with some avocado! We are regulars there too! It was fun getting a free salad for my birthday month :)

  2. What a fun weekend! Yay for the spring weather too!