Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bows Bows and more Bows!

Let's talk BOWS!  Molly Anne has worn a bow since the day she was born, because umm why not?!!  Now she wears it because her hair is all in her face if she doesn't have one!  Here's the scoop on her bows because I occasionally get asked where I get her bows and what size they are!

First, I got the bow holder from this etsy shop!  I think I may have ordered it from the hospital bed when I found out she was a girl!

 - Bows on the left ribbon are from random shops but the ones at the top are from here.  They're from a friend of a friend and I received them as a gift (a BOWque!) when Molly Anne was born!

 - Bows on the middle ribbon are all WeeOnes and the size is Mini!  I usually buy these from Swoozies or Shutterbugs!

 - Bows on the right are my very favorite because they're made by one of my besties, April!  Her shop is called The Tipsy Bunny and you also buy from her Instagram - @thetipsybunny  She also does custom orders and can basically create anything you want!  If you're local to Charlotte, she does porch pick up from her home!

As you can see, I took off the little baby ones that Molly Anne wore when she was itty bitty!  My favorite ones from then were these.  They didn't slip out and the clip was lined on both sides to protect her little noggin!  

None of these shops paid me to write this (yall know I don't do any of that stuff) but I just thought it would be fun to share all about Molly Anne's bows for those that care!


  1. Love all the bows! SC's hair isn't long enough yet, but I can't wait until it is. Also super impressed MA doesn't pull them out!

  2. My husband (and our wallet) is SO lucky we had a son vs. a daughter!! Ha! LOOOOOOOVE bows!