Friday, January 6, 2017

Five on Friday

Well this is a random Five on Friday for you!  PS check out the girl's new logo at the bottom of this post!  Link up!

1.  These okra pickles are amazing.  I ate a jar in two days.  Obsessed.

2.  I really want a Peloton Cycle.  I've heard about them for awhile and the people I know that have them, love them.  Basically you join any class in America that is part of the Peloton program and cycle at home with the class on your screen.  So you're getting the fancy cycle classes at Soul Cycle or Flywheel without leaving your house.  It makes so much sense for me so I don't have to hike it up to Flywheel every time I want to cycle.  Hopefully it'll be in the budget to add when we get in the new house!

3.  Neighborhood walks with our girlies!

4.  First bunco of 2017!

5.  Charlotte is supposed to get a little snow tonight and tomorrow so of course everyone is at the grocery store.  Who knows what we will end up with.  We usually make chili when we have a snow day so that's what we are planning to do!  Molly Anne got to see snow a couple times last year but was too little to play in it.  She'll love it this year if it happens!

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. My daughter got my son in law a Peloton for Christmas. He loves it! Have fun in the snow.

  2. I think Raleigh is going to get the brunt of the snow and I am not looking forward to it! I never know what food to buy and am afraid we will end up starving if the power goes out ;)

  3. My work bestie has a Peloton and LOOOOOOOOVES it. Do it! We don't have the space in our house for one or else it would 100% be on my short list of things to buy.