Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shauna's Shower

On Saturday I went to Shauna's Baby Shower!  It was supposed to be the Saturday before but the snow kind of interrupted that!  

Lots of food!
I was in charge of the punch.  It's one can of orange juice concentrate, one two liter of ginger ale, one two liter of sprite and one bottle of sparkling apple cider.  It was easy (aka no sherbet or any of that) and tasted good!

Shauna, her mother in law and sister in law. 

She received lots of wonderful gifts!

Erin and I with the Mama!  She doesn't even look pregnant does she?!  She's 37 weeks!  Our three husbands/boyfriend are the best of friends from growing up!

Brad came at the end to load up gifts! 

We loved celebrating Shauna and Molly Anne can't wait for her friend Sarah to arrive in early February!  


  1. aww love this post and you friend :) Thanks for all of your help with the shower. I know Sarah is going to love her friend Molly Anne. P.S that punch was delicious, the boys came afterward and could not get enough!

  2. What a fun time! The punch looks so cute with the bow tied around it. Your friend looks great and I love the name she has chosen for her baby girl!😉