Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Molly Anne is 1.5 Years Old!

Holy moley, Molly Anne is a year and a half!!!!!!!  It does not feel like 6 months from her first birthday.  I mean that is crazy insane!  

Here are some things about our little queenie:

1.  Update from her 18 month appointment on 01/19/17!  24 pounds, 9.5 ounces.  32" long.  Head circumference 46.5 cm.  All 50th percentile!  She is a size 4 shoe now!!!  She FINALLY grew a little bit. She's been a 2.5 for the longest time.  She wears 18 month clothes, 18-24 month pajamas and size 4 diapers.

2.  She eats everything and I finally gave her honey.  Little delayed on giving her that I know but I just hadn't done it.  No clue why.  Anyway, she can officially eat or drink anything she wants now.  And she does!  She gets three regular meals a day with organic whole milk and one snack a day with water.  I think Becky is nice and gives her a splash of apple juice in it sometimes. 

3.  Molly Anne talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks and talks some more.  She says Please when I tell her to if I'm giving her something.  She'll also say Thank You if I prompt her.  If I say, "ok Mama is going to work," Molly Anne will repeat the last word I said - "work!"  If you tell her to say Turtle, she'll say Turtle.  She'll say anything you tell her to say.  We are working putting two words together now.  

4.  She is finally walking.  It only took umm 16-17 months for her to choose to walk over crawl.  I'm soooo glad she's walking.  FINALLY.  Honestly I think life is easier when she can walk.  Everyone said oh no you don't want her to walk.  I wanted her to and I'm glad she is.  

5.  She is into everything.  She knows what she isn't supposed to be playing with in our house - as in she'll go up to the fireplace and say, "No no."  But she opens every cabinet checking things out.  I haven't really baby proofed much because I want her to learn and yes it makes my life more difficult now but I think it's starting to pay off.  She mostly only gets into stuff she's allowed to..she's in the tupperware drawer often, stuff like that.  Would yall believe we have a huge wine cabinet that's her level and she has thought about pulling a wine bottle off twice but has never done it?  Maybe it's because we said NOOOOOOOOOO when she started to pull it off haha.  

6.  Loves - She still loves to be outside.  Girlfriend has preferred to be outside her entire life.  And she's still as hot-natured as ever.  She loves Mills like no other and the feeling is mutual. She loves her baby ducks and her small Little Giraffe white blanket.  She is also carrying around this soft pink blanket that Kevin's uncle Billy and his wife gave her.  

7.  Ms. Becky says she is a rule follower and does what she is told.  She does clean up well after herself if you hold a basket in front of her and tell her to fill it up.  I hope this lasts for a long time!

8.  She is now going into the bathroom and saying, "Potty!"  Who knows when all that will click but I think she's starting to understand.  What an ordeal that'll be, ha!

9.  She knows about all of her body parts and will hold a tissue up to her nose and she'll say, "nose."  Every morning when I'm dressing her, I get a whole description of what we are doing.  First it's "shirt" then "pants" then "socks" then "shoes" and then "brush" and "bow."  Haha.

10.  Bath time is at 6:30pm, we usually read 3 books and sing 3 songs then bed is at 7pm.  She wakes up usually around 6:30 or 7am.  Nap time is 12:30/1 until 3/3:30ish.  Depends on the day.  Becky just puts them down whenever they're tired.  

11.  Teeth - she has four up, four down and all four of her molars.  

12.  Favorite toys - little people or anything little that she can hold, her kitchen, anything that has noise and lights, Elmo (she is obsessed with Elmo) and building blocks.  

Love my little Molly Anne so much!!!  She's my buddy and we have so much fun together.  These days are HARD and she is all over the place but most nights I want to go in there and wake her up to play together more!  


Alayna said...

happy half birthday MA:)

Baker Reynolds Tange said...

I am going to check if they make that pullover in big girl sizes -- I love that! Happy half birthday, MA! She is the cutest.

MHM1314 said...

She's so scrumptious!

Leslie said...

Such a fun little update! She couldn't be any cuter and I love that she is talking so much! I really think that these are the days!

Kristen [Playground Prepster] said...

Cutie!! This age is so so fun!!

Ally Harding said...

I love reading her updates! Can't believe she's 18 months already! I love watching her little ways on Snapchat! I had the same thoughts about Oliver walking. I couldn't wait for him to, I was tired of him crawling all over the place and I just knew walking would be easier. And it is! Everyone said no it's much harder but we're really enjoying him walking!

Teen! said...

OMG! She's such a big girl!

Megan said...

Walking is so much better than crawling. Think of all the nastiness on the ground/floor that they wipe up with their little hands...which inevitably end up--->mouth! Maybe that's the nurse/clean freak in me talking but I'm with you...walking all the way!

Jo said...

She is so precious! We didn't go nuts with childproofing for our girl when she was younger and felt so proud of ourselves that she was so cool about it. Turns out she was just cautious and semi-responsible. The 10 month old boy one is a different story! ha!

LucyPenguin said...

We never baby proofed either. Just the cleaning products under our sink but that's about it. She'll be 3 in February and doesn't get into anything. She knows what she can and cant touch. We just told her no a few times.

rox said...

She is just precious! Time flies. Can't believe our Conner turns 2 in about 2 months!!!!!!