Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Last week catch up!

Who watched The Bachelor last night?  I'm not really into Nick but I always watch (it's the only TV show I watch) so I'll continue haha!

This post is kind of a photo dump of what we've been up to.  Ms. Becky was closed last Thursday and Friday so we had a nice long weekend!  My parents went back home on Thursday morning.  

Thursday I cut Molly Anne's hair a little bit...brought to you by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Goldfish to entertain her/keep her still while I did it.  Then we did a bunch of errands.

Friday morning we met up with Fran and Maggie.  We were supposed to meet at the playground but it was closed so we went to Petco.  As Fran called it - the indoor zoo.  The girls loved it!

Fran is my friend who is in the same profession as I am and we are in the same stage of life too.  We both GET IT that life is hard right now and it's total chaos every day but yes, it's just a phase and soon we'll be wishing for it back!  I need to do a post about all of this because it may appear that I have it all together because you see all the good stuff on my blog, but I promise, I don't!

Sweet girls!

Baby Duck that my brother, SIL and nieces gave Molly Anne has been the biggest hit of Christmas.  She is OBSESSED.  Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck is all we hear (other than ho ho ho).  Here she is trying to put Baby Duck's shoe on (aka Molly Anne's Toms!)!

She even sleeps on top of him.  

We love our Millsy!

Friday night we went to dinner with Kevin's family at Sun Valley Cafe.  Down home country cooking.  I always get the veggie plate.  Molly Anne had mac n cheese, apple sauce and broccoli! 

She loves her grandparents!

Saturday and Sunday we literally did not leave the house and it was WONDERFUL.  Molly Anne and I went for a quick walk on Saturday after nap but that was it.  

It was a relaxing weekend.  Yesterday, Ms. Becky was open and Kevin's and my offices were closed so the three of us went to breakfast then took Molly Anne to Becky for a few hours so I could get some things done.  Kevin and I had a little date day after he got some work finished.  A good start to 2017!  


  1. Looks like a fun week! I watched the bachelor too! I don't love him but I'm sure I'll continue watching. Those girls were crazy. I know your friend fran! We went on a bachelorette trip together with our friend Katie a few years ago! Yalls girls are so cute together!

  2. Happy new year friends! Catching up on the bachelor today! Enjoy the first, short week back to reality!

  3. I love the description of Petco! So true. :) Sounds like the perfect beginning to 2017!

  4. I am watching the Bachelor! LMK if you want to join our fantasy league if its not too late, hahah! These girls are crayyyyyy this season! More than they usually are! And I'm still so impressed you cut MA's hair!!!