Monday, January 9, 2017

Snowy Weekend!

Good morning friends and family!  It is cold here today.  17 degrees right now.  We had a fun weekend but we didn't get as much snow as predicted which was a bummer.  Lots of ice then a tiny bit of snow where we are in south Charlotte.  

Let's start with Thursday!  Danica from Chic Runner was in town from LA and we got to go over to Nina's and meet her!  It was so much fun!

Friday I worked and more importantly got my hair cut.  My girl Val took a good three inches off the bottom and left the longer layers.  It feels so much shorter.  Tonight I'll wash and dry for the first time and I'll really get an idea of what it's like with short hair!

Friday afternoon, Molly Anne was supposed to have swim class but they canceled it due to the impending snow storm.  So we waited for snow...and of course ice came before snow.  

That night Kevin and I just made dinner at home and hung out.  I was in bed by 9:30pm and it was glorious.  

This is my parents house in Maryland.  They ended up with 10.5" which is a lot for them!

Saturday morning we woke up to this.  They had initially said 2-8" but then it ended up being maybe 1" where we are.  North Charlotte got a lot more than us.  

We hung out inside and chilled.  Of course I had to take Molly Anne out to check it out.  It was not the first snow she's seen (she saw some last year in Maryland and a little bit in Charlotte) but it was the first time she really got to mess around in it.  I do realize this is barely any snow but let's pretend it was.

Of course the king of the castle was in his element!  Mills LOVES snow!

Saturday night....sooooo tired.  We had made chili for dinner and really just had a low key family day!

Sunday morning, Kevin made us breakfast in bed.  Molly Anne has never gotten to do that so this was a very special occasion and actually wasn't a mess like I thought it would be.  She offered Mills every bite before she ate it.  

Kevin's parents invited us to brunch at their club so we got all dressed up to go!  Dress is by Charlotte Proper.  

The rest of the day we just hung out and Kevin and I got some things done for the house and we are working on tying up loose ends on some other projects.  

Back to the grind today!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  It will be 71 on Friday.  Whoaaaaaaa. 


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. The eastern shore got so much more then we did here.

  2. Ahh, so sweet about MA offering Mills her food! SC loves to feed us her food too, and I can't imagine how she would be with a more eager participant! Also, love your haircut; I think it looks great on you and will save you a bit of time too!

  3. Molly Anne and Mills together melts me- so sweet! So glad y'all had a nice, cozy weekend!! XOKK

  4. Our snow here in Blythewood (Columbia, SC) was even MORE pitiful than yours. We barely got a dusting. We took Conner (almost 22 mo) outside just so we could take a few pictures. It had melted about two hours after it fell. Sigh.

    Oh! And your hair cut looks SO GREAT! I may chop more next week, too. . .although sometimes, it seems shorter hair is harder to take care of because you have to style it. We'll see!

  5. Molly Ann is so beautifully adorable!