Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Yesterday I was in Raleigh for a few hours for work!  I left Charlotte around 6am and got to Raleigh at 9am and visited the site that I built a year ago.  I had to do a walk through with the DOT to get a letter of credit back from the bank.  Exciting stuff!

I got to drive through NC State's campus which is where I went to school back in the day.  East Village was a bar we always went to.  My Dad likes to tease that it was the only place I got an A+ in college.  Actually I also got an A+ in golf class but...!!  

The bell tower!

I got to stop by the shop where I get a bunch of Molly Anne's clothes - Shutterbugs Boutique!  

And I got to visit my friend Ashley!  She made us this wonderful lunch - salad (without chicken) and pizza!  Highly recommend making both!  

Ashley and I went to preschool together.  PRESCHOOL!  We've been friends for over 30 years!

I drove back to Charlotte just in time to get my Molly Anne!  It was a beautiful day to play outside yesterday and we will do the same today!  70 and sunny!


  1. What a fun trip to Raleigh! Wish I could have seen you! You know what.. my FIL does all of the title work (or something along those lines) for sheets in NC... (I think that's what the first pic is of) how fun to revisit some of your favorite spots I love Raleigh!

  2. Love! I'm always itching to go back to wander the campus...but haven't in years! I need to go and take the kids!

  3. Sounds like a fun work trip! So neat you got to see a dear friend and visit old haunts!