Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, Monday

Well, we've just had quite a weekend.  Poor Molly Anne was so sick.  Friday afternoon I talked to her doctor's office and they sent us to the Pediatric Urgent Care that evening because it was too late in the day to get a regular appointment.  Thanks to the online scheduling, we could make an appointment ahead of time which happened to be at 6pm.  They could not have been faster or more kind in there.  Turns out she had a double ear infection.  Of course she had just been checked 24 hours before at her 18 month well check.  That's how fast ears can change evidently.  

We got the amoxicillin in her that night and throughout the weekend.  She hadn't been at Becky's since Wednesday so you know how that is when both parents work...who takes care of the child?!  Yeah sooo it's been really thrilling at our household as we attempt to juggle it all!  Thankfully she is feeling better but still very congested.  It's probably been the most congested I've ever seen her.  She hasn't had a fever since Friday thankfully.  And of course, now Kevin has the crud.  Since Molly Anne was well enough to go to Ms. Becky's, we got her out of the house and I did too so we can stay away from Kevin!  It will be a true miracle if I don't get it.....!  Now we just need to get them both better!

Friday...Mills taking care of our baby!

The inauguration was on Friday!  We spent a lot of time watching Fox News this weekend.  No matter what side of the fence you're on, that was a big day for our country and I look forward to the next four/eight years.  As we say, "you don't have to like the man to like what he's going to do for our country."  I happen to think that none of us are perfect people and we have all said things we regret in our lifetime.  What I do know is that he has raised some amazing children.  I know that first hand from a friend of mine who has met and spent time with all of them, including President Trump and evidently they are all very genuine.  We have a new president, we are all Americans and we are lucky to live here!

So basically we did nothing all weekend.  I left the house a few times to pick up groceries, a few things at Target and got carryout dinner last night.  I just wanted my baby to be low key and get better!

She had a ball playing with all of her toys.  Baby duck was there for it all.  He even got some sauteed pringles!  ;)

Our lil queenie!

She learned how to put all of the shapes into this sorter!  

Mills of course was there every step of the way.  His face has gotten so much whiter since Molly Anne was born.  She is a big responsibility to ole Millsy!  He's only 4!

Nothing else much to report on.  We have a busy week that I will report in later on!  Chat later friends!


  1. Poor MA! Glad she is feeling better and has Mills to take care of her!

    As you know we don't feel the same about the man in the White House. What he says he's going to do for our country scares the hell out of me and I am afraid for so many people. I'll be out marching in protest for the next 4 years ;)

  2. Aww glad she's starting to come around. Feel better Kevin :)

  3. Sorry MA had a double ear infection! I HATE ear infections. Ella gets them every single time she gets any sort of congestion. UGH!!! At least the weather was yucky all weekend, so it was a good weekend to stay inside and get better!!! :)

  4. So sorry MA was sick!! Glad she's on the mend and I hope the crud stays away from you. I think I'm
    Coming down with it. Ugh!

  5. Ugg, you and I had pretty similar weekends! SC was sick too, so we laid low hoping she'd feel better. I'm glad that MA is on the mend, and I hope Kevin feels better soon (and you stay well!).

  6. Did you get the standard or the Junior sized picnic table???