Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life/House Update

Just thought I'd do a random life update post today....honestly because I had nothing scheduled to post early this morning.  I was lazzzzy on Sunday when I usually draft posts for a few days.

1.  We are supposed to start clearing on our lot this week.  Our grader died just before Christmas so it's taking an extra couple of weeks to get going.  So sad about him.  

2.  Speaking of the house...we got news this week that the structural engineer said we could get an 600 square feet of floor area on the 3rd floor.  We weren't sure if we would have enough room up there to make it worth it but we think we may finish it as much as possible now then come back in a few years and put in real flooring and a half bath.  We'll see.  This isn't included in our loan so it depends on how much it ends up being.

3.  This week I'm working on getting pricing for moving companies, plantation shutters, safety fencing for our pool and technology so I can figure out our out-of-pocket expenses we will have this year.  We also know we are going to have to buy some furniture...patio furniture, a couple of chairs for the den and a breakfast table.  I've started an excel spreadsheet so we can keep track of these expenses.  

4.  You may remember we ordered a couple sofas for our den back in November.  They should be here by the end of January so we really look forward to updating our current den.  We bought these for our new house but we look forward to getting use out of them now.

5.  Things are slowing down in our world.  I just feel like being a hermit in January after such a busy December.  

6.  Did you all get anything from the Lilly sale last week?!  I got a bunch of stuff for Molly Anne and a few things for me.  I'll share when I receive everything!

7.  My cousin in Richmond had her baby on Sunday and I can't wait to go meet her next week!

8.  One of our garage doors broke in our current house so we are getting that fixed this week.  It's always something when you own a house, especially an 18 year old house.  Seems like this is the prime time everything breaks.

9.  We are also working on getting pricing to add some hardwoods to our current house in the hallway back to our room and in our room.  We want to do it now so we can enjoy it for a bit before we move out.  

That's all I've got today.  Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I'm so excited to follow along with the new house stuff. Our house was built in the 60s so I know exactly what you mean about "Its always something!"

  2. We added plantation shutters and a pool safety fence at our home last year! We used Protect a Child for the fence and Summerville Shutters (I think both of those names are correct), and have been pleased with both. Looking forward to watching your home go up! FUN!!!! Happy New Year!

  3. I am so glad you are making changes to your current house that you can enjoy before you move. It makes me sad when people make all these changes that they would have loved right before they sell instead of earlier. So exciting to hear the plans for your new home!

  4. I need you to do some financial planning for me. Numbers and budgets are not my thing.

    And that is so sad about your grader...

  5. New house new baby?????? :-)

  6. I am also in the Charlotte area and looking to upgrade our home with a new fence and plantation shutters so your point #3 interested me! Any luck finding a good company for either item? I am always nervous to try new ones. We used Hornets Moving and they were amazing, local company if you still need one!