Friday, January 13, 2017

Five on Friday - MA Favs, Mantel

It's Friday!!!  

1.  First, thank you all for your suggestions on Wednesday!  If you're also struggling to get meals on the table, I definitely recommend going back and reading all of the comments because y'all have some amazing ideas!  And remember if you don't have your email linked to your account, I cannot reply to your email so I'm sorry!  If you didn't get a reply from me, that's probably why!  But THANK YOU and I will be using your suggestions! 

2.  It's going to be in the 70's today so flip flops and white jeans for work it is!  I live for Spring and Summer clothes!

3.  Do any of you all leave little notes for your husbands?  Kevin is the best at doing it and we keep recycling the same notes from when we first started dating and he'll stick one in my work bag if I'm traveling and I'll find it when I get to my hotel.  Stuff like that...super cute!  

4.  These are all the things Molly Anne needs in her life she thinks....Mills, Elmo, Elf and Duck!  Her very favorites right now!

5.  Love this mantel and fire place.  We are going to need to figure out what we want and this is top on my list for now.  Image via JS Home Design.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. The weather is bipolar! I'm
    Enjoying the warm while it lasts. MA Is so cute!!! That mantle looks awesome. Have a great weeekend!

  2. I do that with the post its too :) And note cards sometimes I'll buy for "no reason" and slip into his briefcase and whatnot. You guys are cute!!!

  3. Gorgeous mantel! I love the sweet little post it notes too. I need to do that more!