Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday - Clara, MA Sick, Lilly Purchase

It's been quite a few days!  

1.  On Wednesday I was in Richmond for a work meeting and I got to scoot over and meet my cousin's new baby Clara!  My Aunt was in town from Florida so I got to see her as well and Clara's sister Amelia came home from school and I surprised her at the bus stop.  So fun and loved seeing everyone!  We have such a small family...I wish we all lived closer!

2.  I returned home to a congested and sick babydoll.  Yesterday we didn't go to music class and instead laid low at home.  Thankfully one of our babysitters was able to come over for a couple hours so I could do a couple things I had to get done.  Molly Anne already was scheduled for a 18 month well check yesterday afternoon so I had him check her.  She just had the usual cold/flu virus so time is all it will take to get better.  My child still has never had an ear infection.....let's not talk about it though.....  I'll update on her 18 month well visit another day.  

3.  Our Lilly things came this week!  My two dresses on the left, then shorts and pants for my Molly Anne!  She'll get to match her cousin in those pants...probably next year!

4.  One thing I had to do yesterday was decide if we were pushing the house back on our lot.  I met our builder out there to decide where our covered porch sits in relation to our neighbors covered porch so we have some privacy.  We also didn't want to be too far forward but we want a bigger back yard.  I think we found the happy medium by pushing back 4' and over 2' from where we originally had it placed.  They are supposed to dig footers and pour foundations over the next couple of weeks.  Ready to get this thing going!    

5.  A picture from her well visit yesterday which she wasn't very well for.  They still gave her the one shot that she was due for because it wouldn't amplify any of her current symptoms and it would be effective despite a fever and motrin in her system.  I was glad to just get it all done and now she doesn't have any shots until she is 4, except the flu shot each year!  She was actually a champ yesterday and barely cried this time.  Whew.  

That's all I've got for now.  Kathryn is with Molly Anne for a little bit this morning so I could work.  This weekend I plan to get my baby healthy!  Last night I felt like we were back in the infant stage, she was so congested!  Yuck!


  1. Feel better Molly Anne!! My mom doesn't remember me ever having an ear infection either. And I've never had strep. Knock on wood ha. Hope you guys have a good weekend!!

  2. Poor Molly Anne! Oliver has been sick too , same thing just a virus but he's been so miserable. It's so hard watching them be sick! Your hair looks so good in the pictures up above. Love how you curled it!

  3. I hope she is feeling better soon! Having a sick baby is so heartbreaking; they are so miserable. Also so neat that you could see your family in Richmond, my hometown! :)

  4. Ella and MA can be twinsies in their gimme some leg pants and those elephant shorts, bc I got those from the sale too! :) Hope Molly Anne feels better!!!


  5. What a sweet picture of MA + Mills. He is the best! Get well soon little lady.