Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Roundup - Band, Pumpkin Carving and Game

Post really late today but need to stay on my blogging game!  

Happy Halloween!

We had a weekend full of excitement.  Friday night Kevin and I went to a hole in the wall type place to watch his friend's band play.  They were awesome and we had a really good time with some new friends!  

Saturday morning Molly Anne and I had a little girl's morning in Southpark shopping!  We got her some new shoes first then strolled around Phillips Place which is a cute shopping area here.  All of the ladies in the shops loved talking to her!  Oh, she did not like getting measured for shoes.  She cried yall!  And she doesn't really cry...well unless I leave!  Anyway, I told her that in 20 years she'll be begging for me to go buy her shoes!  Ha!

After her nap we carved a pumpkin!  She wasn't really that interested in touching the gooky stuff!

But we had fun talking all about the pumpkin and shapes for his eyes!

Saturday night we had a low key night at home which was needed because of Friday night and our plans on Sunday!

Sunday we went uptown to tailgate early while Molly Anne got to hang out with Kathryn!

These are what the northern folks call a Speedie!  Anyone ever heard of them?  Marinated chicken with special sauce on Italian bread.

Most every year (except last year) we go to a game with one of our vendors from work.  Bill is so fun and we love his whole family that tailgates.  They have the best set up!

Wayyy too much fun!  We ubered home and got to have dinner with our favorite little girl!  Good times!

Today we had a Halloween playdate and we will trick or treat to a couple neighbor's homes!  

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  1. Speedies are an Upstate NY (Rochester area) thing....super tasty!