Sunday, October 2, 2016

Disney On Ice

I was a bad mom this weekend. I took Molly Anne to Disney on Ice Saturday when she was sick.  She's had a fever since last Thursday off and on.  Mornings she usually hasn't but afternoons she has. I think she's on the mend because she hasn't had a fever since Saturday evening.  We are keeping her home today just to be sure she's 100% before going back to Ms. Becky's tomorrow. 

Here are some pictures from Disney on Ice.  Christine made us the most adorable matching shirts for the girls!  

SHE LOVED IT!!!  I knew she would!  Mesmerized!

We did lots of this which I soaked up because she usually doesn't stay this still ever anymore!

I got to go celebrate Sarah's birthday for a few minutes yesterday afternoon!  

Then come right back for bedtime.  

An evening stroll with my mills.  I loved the cooler weather this weekend. We went on several walks!



  1. How cute! Her little piggy tails kill me- adorable! So glad she's on the med after such a fun weekend.

  2. Disney on Ice sounds like so much fun! I remember when my parents would take us and it was definitely the highlight of the season! Those matching shirts are adorable too. I hope MA is back to feeling like herself now! :)