Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Random Tuesday

Pictures from a random Tuesday...aka two days ago.  We are trying to break up the week by going out for dinner once and it's made all of us happy.  It's fun and best part is - I don't have to cook.  

Molly Anne and I got home and we hurried back out the door to walk then we scooted in the car with Kevin for dinner out. 

She looks so grown up here......ahhhhhhhhh.

Came home and played outside.  Molly Anne LOVES swinging in our hammock.  

Bedtime routine.  We both do her bath then after Kevin gets her dressed he hands her to me so we can read and he blows her a kiss.  She laughs at him every time.  He does it in the morning when he takes her to Ms. Becky's and she laughs at him then too.  So funny!  She knows to blow a kiss back but she just cracks up instead.  Zero personality ;)

She cannot get enough of this little lamb lately.  My bossman brought it to me when he came to see us in the hospital when she was born.  PS now that I think of it again, that was really really nice of him to do.  He completely surprised me and it was so kind that he took time out of his weekend to do that.  

Anyway, Molly Anne continues her love of stuffed animals and furry ones named Mills too! :)  


  1. She's so cute! Love her expression as she's telling her daddy night night!

  2. So sweet about your boss bringing her the lamb when she was born. I love the photos of her in her pjs; she is so full of life!