Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I'm not sure I ever shared the bookcase that my Dad made Molly Anne!  My Dad loves woodworking and it's always been a hobby of his.  He has made a lot of pieces of furniture but this one and the cradle he made her are most special to us.  

It's super sturdy, heavy and fits a bunch of books!  It will be passed down to our children and I hope their kids use it too!  A very special piece of furniture!  Thanks Dad/Poppa!


  1. What a beautiful piece! My dad loves building things too, and I think they are the most meaningful. I love how the bookshelf turned out!

  2. That's very cool. My sister's father in law had that talent as well and made one nephew a chest and the other a bookshelf, he also carves scenes into them. My dad is handy, but not that handy! I am sure MA will treasure both pieces forever.

  3. It is beautiful and such a special piece of furniture I am sure she will treasure.

    The Lovely Latte