Friday, October 14, 2016

Five on Friday - Trees, HOA, Rental, MA

We've had a big week!  Here are our top 5 of the week...

1.  We had 5 trees trimmed and one cut down yesterday.  Not fun money to spend but it looks so much better.  Two trees out front would hit the car every time we drove up or down our driveway.  The two in the backyard have become humongous and one was all over our house and patio.  The side tree needed to desperately be reshaped.  And the other side evergreen is too close to our house too so that's coming down.  I do love having mature landscaping in our yard but it was time for a trim!

2.  We are really close to submitting to our HOA board for the new house!  This was a LONG time coming and I'm relieved we're almost in for approval.

3.  We are scheduled to close on selling one of our rental properties on Monday and I cannot wait.  This was a duplex in a really great area of town and the buyer is coming in and tearing down all of the houses to build new high dollar homes.  This turned out to be one of our best investments we've had in the few years we've owned it.  Kevin is so good at finding deals then flipping them when the time is right.  It was crazy trying to manage it but last year we turned it over to a property management firm and it has been well worth that minimal monthly fee each month.  Anyway, we are down to only two rental properties (and they both have really great, easy tenants!) unless Kevin finds something else that sparks his interest.  Ha!  Anyway, this week we have had to do a bunch of paperwork on that so I'm glad that will be finished on Monday!

4.  Most importantly, we finally figured out what was going on with the back of Molly Anne's head.  It ended up being a fungal spot which is really weird but basically her skin is susceptible to these type things...but within 12 hours of taking the oral medicine, the spot on her ear was so much better.  I'm so glad.  We should see tremendous improvement by the early next week but she'll continue to take the medicine for 14 days total.

5.  Last night I had neighborhood bunco which we hadn't done in months.  It was so nice to see everyone.  We don't even play bunco, we usually play 4 rounds of left right center but last night we only got to two rounds ha!

6.  Because I can't stop...

7.  I love going in to check on her at least twice a night after she goes to sleep!  


  1. We have a property manager for the Bmore house that we rent. It's once less thing to worry about!

    When will you put your current house on the market?

  2. So exciting that you are getting a step closer to your dream house! Also, that is great that they were able to figure out what was going on with MA's head. Have a great weekend!

  3. Jack would have loved to watch those trees come down! That's awesome about the rental property! My husband owns several and I hope they pay out in the long run! I love sleep stalking my babies and those Halloween Jammie's are so cute! Have a great weekend!