Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Weekend

We had a nice Fall weekend and hope you did too!

I want to rewind to last Wednesday.  On a whim we decided to take Molly Anne to a nicer 5pm of course!  She was surprisingly so good even though I apologized to the waiter ahead of time haha.  Ms. Becky had told me she liked putting cotton balls in and out of a diaper wipe container so I put them in a snack container that has rubber sides.  The container is quiet - aka she can't bang it on the table and cotton balls are obviously quiet.  Genius.  Ms. Becky really should write a book with all of her tricks!  Anyway, Molly Anne enjoyed her fancy grilled cheese and ate almost the entire fruit container.  It was a nice family evening out.  We left before 6 and headed home haha!

Friday night we went to 521 BBQ for dinner which we like to do on Friday nights.  We walked in and they seated us next door to our future next door was so funny!  They have two young girls (Molly Anne is in the middle of them agewise) so they were there early too.  It was fun catching up and chatting.  We've met them a few times now.  

On Saturday morning, Kevin went to his parents to powerwash their driveway so Molly Anne and I did a few errands.  We walked and walked around Blakeney.  It was nice to spend time just she and I and I got a preview of shopping with her.  She wants to feel everything and loves all of the soft clothes ha!  I look forward to our days at the mall.  We called Mom on the way home and told her we missed her being with us.  Mom and I always have loved shopping together.  

Saturday night we went to a late dinner with Brad and Shauna.  Molly Anne was already asleep by the time we left.  Anyway, we headed up to Village Tavern and it was so good as usual!  

Yesterday we took another long walk around the neighborhood then went to the pumpkin patch with our friends!  I'll do a separate post on that!

We watched football and chilled last night.  

Happy Monday friends!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love the cotton ball idea, and I will have to try that. It seems there s something about this stage where they love to pull everything out. I love the picture of her with Mills and also the one of her at the pumpkin patch. Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. I'll have to remember that cotton ball trick when the time comes. That little pumpkin patch outfit is super adorable (as is she :) ) !

  3. Love the cotton ball trick to entertain MA at dinner.

  4. Eating out early is a trick we do too! I'll never forget the time we sat down at 5:01pm & the waiter says "good afternoon, will you be joining us for lunch?" We we're laughing so hard!