Friday, October 7, 2016

Five on Friday - Shower Curtain, Junko Bunko, Hat

1.  I saw April's post on updating her girl's bathroom and thought it was genius and the shower rod was only $9.  Yes please.  See before and after posts....

Comparison picture..

2.  Junko bunko - we all brought all of our "junk" and it was fair game.  Anyone could take anything! 

This is what I went home with - a pretty silver bowl, gorgeous smocked dress, passport cover, two Molly Anne books and the latest Real Simple!  So fun!

3.  This week was the year anniversary of Molly Anne being with Ms. Becky!  We are incredibly thankful for Ms. Becky and all that she has done for us.  My friend Lisa who connected us with Ms. Becky told me way back when that she was the biggest blessing and basically part of their family.  We feel the same way!  Ms. Becky sent me this picture of her on Wednesday that she had on her phone from her first days!  Too cute!

4.  I got this adorable toddler hat off of Etsy for our little queenie!  I can't stand the cuteness!

5.  Mills has kept us all straight this week.  We are making final decisions on the exterior of our house today and I have a post teed up for next week to share those with you all!  

I'm hoping Hurricane Matthew weakens and doesn't bother the coast too much.  Thinking of my Aunt and Uncle who live in New Smyrna Beach and my brother and his family in Pawleys.  My brother was going to come here but they decided to stay and wait it out since it's predicted to turn into a tropical storm for them.  

Happy Friday friends.


  1. I hope your family stays safe!! We love the books you got at junko bunko (they've been a hit with all three of our kids). Could you share the Etsy seller for the hat? KC is obsessed with baseball hats bc her brothers play and I'd love to find a cute one for her.

  2. Oh my gosh, that toddler hat is just too cute! Also, I love Sandra Boydton, and that Doggies and counting book is so fun. I know MA will enjoy it! :) What great picks you got at the Junko Bunko. April's shower curtain rod idea is genius; definitely a pinterest pick!

    I hope your family stays safe. It seems like the hurricane isn't as bad as they thought it would be, but you won't find me complaining about that!