Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Talk Talk Talk

One thing my Mom has always told me to do with Molly Anne is talk to her.  And you better believe I haven't stopped talking since she was born.  Haha.  We talk about everything.  And it's starting to pay off.  In the last two weeks her vocabulary has started to explode.  

Last week she started saying:
Thank you
Good girl
Shoe - she'll pick it up, say shoe and try to put it on
Mine (trying to eliminate this word ha!)
Coo = Cool
Ca - Car
Bubba  = Mills
I know I'm forgetting some..

Before that she knew how to say:

Mill (Mills)
Coco - dog next door
Row Row Row....your boat
I love you (prompted for each word on this one)

She knows what a cow, snake and fish say.  She knows where her ears, eyes, nose and mouth are.  She'll kinda blow you a kiss or she'll just crack up at you.  She'll wave hi and bye.  

And she'll repeat any word you tell her to say.  She'll try to say anything.  I love it!  She has SO much to say and I can't wait for her to keep on talking!

If I say how are you?  She'll say "good."  or "fine".  I'll ask if she's ready to go do something and she'll say "yeah" (we're working on "yes ma'am") Ha!

A huge shout out to Becky who really has made a lot of this happen!  I got there one day last week and Molly Anne was outside swinging and Ms. Becky was handing her a ball after she would say please and then Becky got her to say thank you every time she handed it to her too.  It was such a cute and fun way to learn.  

My child may not walk but she can talk haha!


  1. It's so fun to hear their vocabulary develop! Soon enough you will be having a full blown conversation with her and it'll blow your mind!! I'm working on getting graham to say anything other than Dada right now.. so far I can get a byebye but no mama haha

  2. Doesn't it make you so proud!!! They're the tiniest of sponges and watching their brain power doesn't get old.

  3. This is so exciting! It sounds like MA's vocabulary has just blossomed! :)