Monday, October 24, 2016

Cookout, Fall Activities and Bday Party

We had a big weekend full of lots of activities!

Friday night we headed to Kevin's parents where they were hosting a cookout for his Dad's Sunday school class!  Kevin's Uncle was there so I just had to take a picture of he and Molly Anne!  

Saturday morning Molly Anne slept in until 7:30am but we got up and at 'em early and went to Blakeney shopping center for their "Boo Bash."  Basically it's a big fall festival with jump houses and a bunch of other activities.  Molly Anne was a little young for it but next year she'll be able to do more.  Still, we have fun walking around and checking things out.  PS - this is her 6 month coat from last year haha!  It still works so we'll be using it again this year!

After boo bash we ran over to SAS cupcakes where we met up with Gigi and Ella for decorating cupcakes and meeting princesses!  It was the cutest little event!  

My child downed the two cupcakes before she barely got them decorated.  Haha.  

I look forward to lots of girly events like this in the future!

Princess Gigi!

Then we left the cupcakes and drove to Dilworth to have costume pictures taken in Freedom Park.  This was baby duck on deck!

Kimberly Gaulin had the cutest set up for a Halloween costume mini session!  This is a little preview (via my iPhone ha!) but I will post all of the images when I receive them...she said before Halloween.  I can't wait!  I loved meeting her and can't wait for her to take more pictures in the future of little Molly Anne!

We headed home for a long afternoon nap!  Mills always naps when Molly Anne does.  Haha.  Usually he's outside of her bedroom door.  Today he was using a pillow for his very heavy head! ;)

After nap we had a visitor!  Here we are waiting for her.  

Doesn't everyone need to carry a pumpkin, beach shovels and a water table toy around with them when they play in their convertible?!

Lindsey came to see us while she was in Charlotte for the weekend!  It was SO sweet of her to make time as I know how it is when you're trying to see a ton of people in a weekend that already has planned events.  So thank you Lindsey!!  Here's Molly Anne and her son Jack skyping!  PS - I got Molly Anne that tiny pumpkin and she has loved having it on her high chair.  She thinks it's fun to hold and touch when she's eating her meals.  #random

Lindsey used to live in Charlotte but moved to Dallas.  You may remember that we went to their Vero Beach wedding here and when I was doing my project in Dallas last year I got to see her a lot when I was there.  She and I got married a few months apart then had babies a couple months apart.  I guess we're on the same time schedule haha!  

Oh something funny - Molly Anne kept calling her Mama!  Maybe it was the red hair?!!  Too cute!

Loved catching up with you.  Now move back to Charlotte!!!

Best little friends.  Gosh I don't know who loves who more.  

Kevin and I went out on Saturday night to Vine for dinner.  We had never been but it was really good!  Kevin got the ribeye and I got grouper.  Next time, we're going to go for brunch because we've heard it's awesome.  

Sunday morning we lounged and enjoyed some family time.  Then we got to go to a birthday party for Maggie and Teddy!  She turned 4 and and he turned 1!  It was at Carmel Road Park which is the perfect spot!

This squirt had straight apple juice for the first time in her life.  Usually it's a splash of apple juice with 90% water.  Ha.  Of course she drank it quickly ha.  Special occasion!  She just looks like such a big girl sitting on the picnic bench.  Ahhhhhhh.  

The big kids painted pumpkins and the little ones put stickers on them.  It was the cutest craft.  Rachel is so good at all of that stuff - former teacher so she knows what's up!

We loved celebrating these two cuties!  Teddy loved digging into his cake!

Seriously adorable little set up right?!  

We came home, had a little dinner then Molly Anne crashed hard.  The weekend ended with a trip to the ER for this one.  She had a super high, scary fever and it turns out she has strep!  I made her wear this mask when we left the hospital mainly for this picture haha!  She's fine but Mamas don't have time to be sick right?!!  I hope she gets better quickly!

Happy Monday!


  1. That duck costume, so so cute! It sounds like a fun weekend with lots of girl activities (can't wait for that to be in my future :) )

  2. What a packed, fun, fall weekend!!! I had strep twice this year, both times with super high fevers. It is NOT fun. Sarah looks much better than I did!!!! Hope she's on the quick mend!

  3. Wow! Y'all really did have a busy weekend! LOVED spending time with y'all on Saturday. It was such a treat! Hopefully it won't be as long before the next visit! xoxo

  4. Such a fun weekend! I think things like girly birthday parties and fun fall activities are some of the things I'm looking forward to most with our little one - this just made me that much more excited! :)

    And it always melts my pup-loving heart to see how attached Mills and Molly Anne are - I can only hope that our Molly bonds the same way with our CFK!

  5. What a fun weekend! You all did do much and I am loving all the fall activities! Can't wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot. :) Hope your friend is feeling better. At least antibiotics usually knock that out but it is scary to have such a high temperature.

  6. What a fun filled fall weekend! I hate it didn't work for us to meet up. I know my boys would have been smitten with sweet Molly Anne. I hope next time we come that way it'll work out! So sorry Sarah ended up with strep. That is miserable. The mask is quite funny!!

  7. Love that we got to see y'all so much this weekend!! And those widgeon coats are the BEST for getting tons of wear out of them!! Can't wait to see MA's profesh pics in her duck stinking cute!!!