Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meal Plan

I really feel so much better about my week when I meal plan.  This week I wanted to use stuff we already had in our freezer then regroup with grocery shopping for next week.

Every Sunday some of my friends and I have a big group text of what meals we are planning for the week.  It helps to get new ideas.  Highly recommend you start this with your girls!

Here are my four easy meals for the week.

1.  Chicken with green beans - I used this below marinade that my friend Sarah recommended.  I literally threw two frozen chicken breasts into my crock pot, poured this all over it and left it there for 6 hours on low.  You can serve it over rice (I didn't to save the carbs) and I added canned green beans (microwaved) to our fancy dinner haha.  It was easy and tasty and Molly Anne liked it!  Kevin on the other hand was not interested in it because he's gotten weird about chicken but oh well ha!

2.  Last night I went to the freezer and got these few things out from Trader Joes and popped them in the oven while Molly Anne and I played.  It was easy and good.  

3.  Pork chops with an Asian salad (premade from Teeter - just mix and serve) and some veggie from our pantry.  Kevin isn't usually into pork chops but I am trying to transform him to like them.  He likes bbq so why not?!  Plus, now that Molly Anne will eat anything I eat, I have an excuse to cook things other than tacos ha!  (Can you tell Kevin is a picky eater, lawdy be!)  Anyway, I asked my girls what their go to pork chop recipe is and my friend Kristen sent this which I plan to try soon.  Mom told me to marinade in Worcestershire, garlic and a little honey then grill and Katie told me this one:

Take bone in pork chops, place in a casserole dish with a slice of lemon over each chop, take 1/2 bottle of Heinz chili sauce, mix with 1/2 cup water and 2 TB of brown sugar.  Pour over chops.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

4.  Skinny Taste Tortilla Encrusted chicken tenders with a salad on the side.

That's all I've got.  Usually we've been breaking up the week by going out one night on Wednesday or Thursday.  Then the weekend we usually just wing it.  Share your meal plan!  Ahem Tess, ahem!  I miss your meals!


  1. This comes at the perfect time. I'm ab to head to the store for my weekly shopping! I love that you group text on sundays for what y'all are cooking. I'm always asking my friends what's on tap for the week. I need to start a group text! I'm
    Always so boring and need to branch out. Crockpot meals have become my go to lately!

  2. Soy Vay is a Clorox brand :) Great idea about meal planning with friends. I made Giada's Lemony White Bean & Arugula Salad yesterday that April blogged about and it was delicious. I always love when bloggers recommend recipes.

  3. I want to meal plan, but Rob is the worst with remembering what events he has each week. He will tell be at 3 pm that he has a dinner and then whatever I have planned for dinner will go to waste! I will cook the meal for myself, but then there's so many leftovers that go to waste. Drives me crazy.

  4. Favorite way to dress up pork chops? Dijon mustard & maple syrup, just mix together and glaze/pour on top. So delicious. Also, April posted a one-sheet "fall chicken" recipe that I did with pork chops instead of the suggested chicken and it was GREAT!

    And seriously Tess' meal plans are the best. I'll snap you a picture of my menu I post on my fridge! Oh also my "do over" Pinterest board has some of our greatest hits. https://www.pinterest.com/mrsmhm/do-over/

    This one Z asks for at least once a week and has maybe 5 ingredients:
    http://veryculinary.com/2015/02/20/slow-cooker-italian-lemon-chicken/ (Don't worry about searing the chicken first - I dump in frozen or defrosted chicken, add the spice pack/lemon juice/broth and go!)

  5. Ha!!!! Hangs head! I've lost my blogging mojo but I'll get on it next week! I need to get better about prepping on Sun/Mon to make life a litter easier but I am SO excited about soups and chills this fall!!!

  6. Check out Mix and Match Mama's meal plans...they are the best (and I'm no cook!) SO easy and delicious. http://mixandmatchmama.com/ (And she has some pretty awesome fashion tips too😉👍)

  7. My husband is really picky too, which drove me absolutely crazy when we first got married. He basically lives for chicken wings, but slowly he's expanded his horizons. I'm currently cooking out of this toddler cookbook which has meals that the whole family can enjoy...and that seems to be right up his ally! Ha! I love the teriyaki chicken recipe; I will have to try that.