Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend with Hurricane Evacuees

Well, we got a call about 12:30pm on Friday that said, "we're on the way!"  My brother and his family headed west to our house.  We had been waiting all week because every day they said they may come the next day.  Ha!  So we're glad they finally came and we got to have some FFF (forced family fun)!  

Mills' world got turned upside down by his two golden cousins, Fin and Gill.  Ha!  He was obsessed and felt like he was at Camp in his own house all weekend!  

The first night, we had already had Kathryn coming over to babysit so she just watched all three girls and all three golden boys.  The boys were probably hardest to deal with ha!  We went for drinks at Brazwells then dinner at Beef and Bottle.

Then we bounced back over to the Montford area and hit up Park Lanes then back to Brazwells.  Chaos.  The outlaws...

James (my brother's friend) was also in Charlotte with his family for the evacuation so he met us out.  We had a big time and of course Ubered everywhere.  Duh!  

The next morning, Emily and I took the girls uptown to Discovery Place.  I think the entire state of North Carolina and South Carolina was there.  Thankfully we got in early so it was really getting crowded when we left.  MA loved the water table of course!

The big girls loved playing and figuring out all of the science stuff on the second floor!  And helping their cousin play..!

That afternoon we all hung around the house, took naps.  Clay and Kevin went to lunch and to Cabelas together.  We grilled out for dinner and chilled.

Gill took a goodie bag home of some of Mills' 8 million toys!

They got on the road back to their house on Sunday morning.  My brother bought a generator here in Charlotte and Emily went to the grocery store before they left.  They were well stocked going back.  They didn't have any traffic and all was well when they got home.  They already knew the status of their house - house was fine except for one fan blade missing on their covered porch, lots of marsh grass in their yard and 6 floating docks in their yard.  Most of their dock will also have to be rebuilt but that's minor in the grand scheme.  They don't have power yet but hopefully will soon.  In the meantime, the generator will help.  Thankful they were so fortunate!

After Molly Anne's nap yesterday afternoon, the three of us went back to Cabelas to return something and get a new size.  Then we went to dinner at Viva Chicken, something different for us!  So good!  PS - Molly Anne loves the animals and the aquarium at Cabelas so we never mind going there with Kevin!

We have to go to the doctor again today because she has a spot on the back of her head that isn't clearing up.  Ughhhh, it's been something every week the last few weeks!  I hope we get some answers.  

My friend Sara gave Molly Anne this cute Halloween pop up book!  She loves it and it's kinda a peekaboo book.  She says "eyes" when I put it in front of my face then proceeds to put her eyes up to the holes in it!  Too funny!

It's finally beginning to feel like Fall in Charlotte!  Happy Monday!


  1. You had a house full! I am loving all the goldens. MA looks like she had a great time at Discovery Place. I'm looking forward to when Madeline is old enough to enjoy that. We loooooove Viva Chicken. So good!

  2. Hope they figure out the spot on MA's head!! Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

  3. I am so glad that your brother and his family made it through relatively unscathed, but it is still tough, I am sure. I love the pictures of the three goldens together; they look like they are having the time of their lives! I think you all made the best of the hurricane! :)

  4. I think it is so hilarious how happy those goldens look together!!