Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Molly Anne is 15 months!

I really hadn't planned on doing monthly posts but I have so many things I want to remember and it's easy to have them all in one place.  So here are some thoughts for Molly Anne at 15 months!

1.  A couple of weeks ago she weighed 22 pounds, 8 ounces and were 31" long!  She wears size 12 month clothes.  Size 2.5/3 shoes (tiny!).  Size 4 pampers cruiser.  

2.  She has been talking a lot this month and in the last 2 weeks, she will say anything.  If you say, "Say Mills" she'll try to say Mills.  She'll try to say anything you tell her to say.  Turtle is one of her latest favorites.  Oh and Baby too.

3.  She knows where her nose, mouth, eyes and ears are.  If I say, "Molly Anne, where are your eyes?" she'll point to them.  It's so cute.

4.  She did take a couple of steps last Monday but no walking since then.  She'll walk one day, I know.  I'm trying not to stress about it.  Doc said she'll walk in the next month.  We shall see!

5.  She loves her toothbrush, really soft stuffed animals, books books and more books (specifically touch and feel or peekaboo), her soft blanket from PBK, being outside and going for walks, any toys that make noise and/or have lights and little things - like her little people or little figurines.  You can take her anywhere and she is happy to watch cars or people go by.  Any sort of entertainment, she is happy.  She loves watching anything in action.  A show like Disney on Ice is heavenly to her.  We are going to all of the fall festivals and pumpkin patches.

6.  She eats anything but I still haven't given her honey.  I really need to do that...maybe this weekend.  She drinks organic whole milk with all three meals.  Water at snack time and bed time and whenever she wants it during the day.  

7.  She is in the bathtub at 6:30pm.  Books at 6:45pm.  Bed at 7pm.  Every night.  Staying on a routine has been crucial to us since she was born.  She sleeps until usually 6:30 or 6:45 every morning.  She now takes only one nap and it's usually 12:45 until 3ish.

8.  She's ticklish mostly around her neck and she giggles and giggles when you tickle her.  She also loves and giggles at playing peekaboo with her bath towel as we dry her off at night.  So cute. And ever since she was a tiny baby, she has loved seeing the world from upside down as I call it.  Same thing now.  

9.  Teeth - she has 8 teeth.  4 up and 4 down.  I do think she's getting those one year molars any day but so far nothing has come through!  

10.  I can tell yall that she will be (and already is) a strong willed child.  She knows what she wants and her mind is set on it.  I think this will be interesting to parent through the years but long term it'll prove her well.  ;)

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  1. I loved the snaps of her trying to say turtle at your parents' house! She is too cute. She will walk probably at the same time Lucas decides to finally roll over...ha! These kids, I tell ya!