Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Play Date

These are the things I never want to miss because I'm a working Mama.  I'm incredibly thankful to my awesome company who doesn't mind if I slip out for an hour or two to take my girl to a Halloween playdate with our friends!

Thank you April for hosting!!  And oh how these sweet children have changed since last year!

Mary Scott and Molly Anne...or Mary Anne and Molly Scott....you never know what their names are going to be when we're all together ha!

Molly Anne and Kate!

So cute right?!!  That's Jordan Spieth down there on the bottom right!

Love my little baby duck!!!


  1. What a fun morning with the cutest kiddos!! How awesome to work for a company that values you as a mom and allows you to not miss out on these things!!

  2. How fun! And ditto what Emily said above. You are very lucky! And MA is so adorable in her little duck costume!