Monday, November 21, 2016

Sick Week

Last week I didn't blog for a few days and it was actually kinda nice to have a little break.  It was also busy in our house because Molly Anne had a stomach bug so I was working from home with a toddler most of last week.  Yeah not fun.  

We spent a lot of time hanging out and eating bland food and drinking water and G2 Gatorade because she wouldn't drink pedialyte.  

Mills knew she didn't feel good and he hung around us every day.  

I thought she was better on Wednesday so she went to Ms. Becky's half day.  All was still okay when Kevin picked her up and when I went to a girls night at Cowfish.  

When I came in from Cowfish, I went in to check on her and she had been sick again.  She kept getting sick only at night and in her crib and wouldn't wake up or cry that she needed us.  A couple of nights was like a flashback to the infant stage because I got up every couple of hours to check on her.  Poor baby.

Anyway, Thursday was my birthday and Kevin had gotten her to sign my card.  So sweet.  

She gave me this box of green beans and taco shells.  With a gift card to Nordstrom underneath it haha!  Kevin went nuts and also did J. Crew card too.  Both things I asked for.  Oh and a VV shep shirt which I have lived in since I got it!

Thursday night we had chinese take out for dinner - my request!  Then we went out on Saturday night to have an adult celebration.  I'll blog about that tomorrow.  

The good news is that she was much better by Friday but I still kept her home to rest and chill.  

I'm writing this on Sunday night and so far so good today.  We finally introduced milk to her 48 hours after she had last been sick.  Whew.  

So that was last week.  I'll post about our weekend tomorrow!


  1. So sorry Molly Anne was sick. A sick baby is the worst!!! Especially when they get sick in their crib and don't call out. It's pitiful. I hope you had a great birthday!! Love the taco shells and green beans ;) glad that MA finally seems on the mend. Have a great Monday!

  2. Sick kids make me so sad. I'm glad she is feeling better. Just wanted to share...neither of my kids will do pedialyte either, but will eat the Pedialyte popsicles. So, I just keep a box of those in my freezer all the time. And sometimes on super hot days in the summer they have them to rehydrate. So not just for sick days!

  3. Aw poor baby. Something I loved as a kid (and still kinda love) when I got stomach/dehydration issues? Pedialyte makes freezer pops. So you feel like you're getting a treat but it's got all the Pedialyte goodness. Plus if there's any fever associated, something cool is always a nice relief.

    Glad she is on the mend!!

  4. So glad she is finally feeling better! Poor little thing! Also, Kevin and Molly Anne's gift they got for you is so sweet. It sounds like you had a happy birthday, in spite of the fact that MA was under the weather. :)

  5. Dying over the green beans a taco shells!!! So freaking funny. Rob and Kevin would get along so well.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad MA is feeling better. Mills is such a sweet boy watching over her. Love the green beans and taco shell "gift"!

  7. It was your birthday?!?!?! Happy birthday girlfriend!! I'm sorry you had to deal with a sick babe last week - not fun at all, but I hope you enjoyed some shopping! Have a great Thanksgiving! xoxoxo