Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Sofas and Out

This past weekend was fun!  

On Friday my girl was finally feeling better so after her long nap we went for a walk!

A little sunshine is good for the soul!

We celebrated Kendall's fifth birthday with a cookout that night and she got a new bike!  It was fun getting to watch her peddle for the first time.  

After we got home and I put Molly Anne to bed, I went to AR Workshop with some neighbor friends.  We made these cool signs!  Definitely a fun girls night! 

This was mine... I'm not artsy at all but Madison the 9th grader that was assigned to help our table was super helpful!

Saturday morning we hit the road super early and went to High Point to Furniture Land South to look for a new sofa.  

We ended up on this one but as a regular two cushion sofa, not sectional.  And we are getting two of them.  Then we plan to add a leather recliner and a pretty fabric chair.  I think it'll be great for our new house but we are in desperate need of a new sofa now so that's why we decided to go ahead and do it.  Thank you Mills for ruining our leather sofa.

We decided to go with a slipcover due to the time in our life of having children and Mills.  Want it to be pretty but mostly, practical.  This is the fabric and it's by Sunbrella.  

This teal is going to be a couple of the pillows.  Then we headed home.  Two hours each way with Molly Anne plus being strapped in a stroller there wasn't ideal but Finding Dory helped on the way there then we came back during her nap time.  Never a dull moment!

We came back and walked around the corner to play wtih our friends Gigi and Mary Scott!

Then I put Molly Anne to bed and Kevin and I went to Vivace for drinks then Melting Pot for dinner with Benjy and Jessica.  

So much food.  But we had a really good time.  

Late night when we got home, we had to take a peek at our girl.

Sunday, Molly Anne and I went to Aldi for the first time. 

Otherwise, we basically hung around the house all day.  After nap she loved swinging out back.  

Bed time routine!  ;)

That's the weekend round up!  Cannot believe Thanksgiving is in two days!


  1. Happy thanksgiving!! Slipcovers are the best! We have three (almost 4) kids and a dog that ruined ours but our couch is still in great shape so once we are out of the toddler years we will just get a new slipcover instead of a whole need couch! Love all of MA's turkey day themed clothes!

  2. So glad MA is feeling better! Love your new sofa! Sunbrella fabric is so durable!


  3. Glad she's feeling better, not fun :/ I love your sign and the sofa. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! The photo of MA in bed is too cute! XOKK

  5. Love the sofa and your plans for the new living room! We're in the market for new living room furniture (same as you - thanks, Molly, for ruining our couches) and I'd ideally like to keep a light, neutral color but Brian thinks it's crazy between Molly and baby-on-the-way. Maybe the Sunbrella fabric is what can work in my favor!

    Now this is random, but where did you find the little bookcase in Molly Anne's room? A bookcase is the LAST piece of furniture that I need for the nursery, and the size/height looks like it's exactly what I've been looking for!